Oral Surgery

We professionally treat all sorts of injuries to your mouth and jaw or any damage caused by inappropriate treatment.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Enjoy an aesthetic and healthy smile with our specialists in Antalya. Make it safer and smile freely!

General Dentistry

Our team provides patients with quality dental care in turkey. Include check-ups, oral health consultations and all required dental treatments.

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Dental Clinic Turkey

Panoramic Dental Clinic Turkey is the safest, most comfortable and fastest in the dental field for international patients since 1996 in Antalya. Let us invite you to Antalya, one of the most beautiful cities of Turkey, adorned with natural and historical beauties. During the journey, which takes an average of a week, you can both have a break by exploring the city and have medical care in experienced and skilled hands with personalized treatment plans. Panoramik Dental Clinic welcomes many patients from different parts of the world, especially in Europe. The treatment process starts with the scanning of 3D tomography and 2D panoramic machines and ends with a maximum aesthetic smile by using CAD-CAM technology. Panoramic Dental Clinic Antalya family makes the dental treatment process enjoyable. You can ensure your dental health by taking a vacation. Our priority is always to offer the healthiest treatment to everyone without sacrificing hygiene and quality. Contact us for the best prices and detailed information.

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Dental Centre Turkey

Our dental surgeons in Turkey use different techniques to treat, straighten and strengthen your teeth (Teeth cleaning, x-ray, tooth extraction, implants placement, orthodontics, root canal treatment, bleaching…). In terms of care and treatment at the dentist, the specialist in Turkey has all the expertise, but also the technical platform, which is important for the good care of his patients. We invite you to Antalya to discover the beauties and various dental practices in Turkey.


To prevent complications as soon as possible, it is highly recommended that you visit your dentist at least once a year, even if you maintain excellent oral hygiene. This practitioner carefully examines your entire mouth: teeth, gums, but also the roots, the palate, the inside of the cheeks …It analyzes the condition of your teeth with the naked eye or with the help of x-rays and detects abnormalities that will not cause a serious health problem when taken on time. During this general dentistry consultation, our expert dentists clean your teeth just enough to restore a safe, smooth and radiant smile.

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Why Choose Our Clinic ?

Who We Are ?

We, Panoramik Dental Clinic Center Turkey, have been carrying out our aesthetic and surgical dental treatments at our clinics in the central tourist and hotels region of Antalya for more than 20 years.

There are dental clinics and hospitals that provide more than enough service in oral and dental health in Turkey. It is a matter of curiosity that Turkey and the city of Antalya are preferred for oral and dental health.

Demand for Turkey in terms of oral and dental health arises from providing high quality services at affordable prices. You can also enjoy a nice holiday while receiving oral and dental health services from Turkey.

Turkey Dental Clinics

Turkey attracts a lot of visitors in terms of medical tourism. There are many reasons for this. Among the most important reasons are affordable prices, quality service and expert dentists. Apart from this, you will have the opportunity to visit the city of Antalya, which is one of the biggest holiday resorts in Turkey and Turkey.

Antalya Turkey Dental Health Clinic

The Panoramic Oral and Dental Health Hospital, located in Antalya, Turkey, has been providing oral and dental health services to international patients in Antalya for about 26 years. Panoramic Oral and Dental Health Hospital, which prioritizes patient satisfaction, hosts many patients from different parts of the world, especially from Europe, both promoting the city of Antalya and providing quality service.

What are the Points to Consider When Choosing the Best Dental Clinic in Turkey?

Clinic selection is extremely important in order to have a perfect and healthy smile. Turkey and Antalya; It is a perfect destination for you to have a perfect and healthy smile, affordable and high-quality services. You have decided to receive oral and dental health services in Turkey. How should I choose between millions of oral and dental health hospitals and Hospitals? Things to consider when choosing a clinic;

  • Learn whether the clinic has clean, sterile and state-of-the-art equipment by requesting up-to-date photos of the clinic you will be serving.
  • Find out if the clinic you want to serve can handle every step of the trip, treatment, accommodation and any visit to the city for international patients
  • Learn about how many years they have been serving and the experience of dentists who are experts in their field.
  • Choose the clinic with the national average in price.
  • Ask if there are assistants available at the clinic who can interpret.
  • Learn about the services provided by the clinic.
  • Search for a clinic that can take care of your entire journey.
  • You can find out if there is a transportation service that covers everything from airport transportation to the clinic and hotel.

Turkey Dental Hospital Service Areas

While making a choice in clinics in Turkey and Antalya, it is very important to examine the services they provide. Oral and dental health services we have provided as Antalya Turkey Panoramic Oral and Dental Health Hospital;

  • Oral, Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery in Turkey
  • Turkey Teeth whitening
  • Turkey Implant,
  • Filling and prosthesis applications in Turkey
  • Turkey Orthodontics
  • Aesthetic dentistry in Turkey,
  • Turkey Smile Design
  • Turkey Pedodontics
  • Prosthetic Dentistry in Turkey
  • Turkey Endodontics
  • Turkey Zirconium Coating
  • Turkey Porcelain Veneer

Antalya Turkey Dental Examination Prices

Every dental hospital and clinic varies in price with the services it provides and many factors. The main reasons why dental examination prices vary;

  • Service Provided
  • Patient’s Dental Condition
  • Treatment Duration
  • Treatment Technique
  • Experience of the Specialist Dentist and
  • To the material used

Antalya Panoramic Dental Clinic provides services that will make you smile with correct diagnosis, planning and special treatment method in oral and dental health. The outstanding success we have achieved in the national and international arena with our expert physician staff; our up-to-date, latest and advanced technical equipment, strong infrastructure, quality and durable materials in accordance with world standards; We owe it to our professional, experienced and friendly team.

Does your clinic have English-speaking staff?

Of course, our clinic has staff who speak many languages. An English translator will accompany you throughout the entire process.

How many days should I stay in Turkey for dental treatments?

Each treatment period differs. This period is decided by your doctor after the first examination. An average of 7-10 days is needed.

What can I do in Antalya during my treatment period?

Your dentist appointments are planned in a way that will not prevent you from visiting the city. Antalya is a big city. The climate is Mediterranean with mostly sunny and clear weather. There are many places to visit and see in Antalya with its culture and natural beauty.

What are your treatment prices?

Treatment prices vary according to your oral and dental health, the treatment applied and many factors. You can find treatment prices on the Prices page, or you can contact us if you wish.