Oral Surgery

We professionally treat all sorts of injuries to your mouth and jaw or any damage caused by an inappropriate treatment.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Enjoy an aesthetically pleasing smile with our cosmestic dentistry specialists. Make it safer and smile freely !






General Dentistry

Our team provides patients with quality dental care, including check-ups, oral health consultations and all required dental treatments.

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Dental Clinic Turkey

Panoramik Dental Clinic Turkey is a reliable, comfortable and the fastest in service to international patients since 1996. Let us welcome you to Antalya, one of the best cities decorated with the natural and historical beauties of Turkey. During journey, which takes an average of a week, you can both have a break by exploring the city and have a medical care in experienced and skilled hands with personalized treatment plans. Panoramik Dental Clinic welcomes many patients from different parts of the world, especially Europe. The treatment process starts with scanning of 3D tomography and 2D panoramic machines and ends with a maximum aesthetic smile by using CAD-CAM technology. Thanks to the Panoramik Dental Clinic Antalya family, the dental treatment process is easier and enjoyable. Our priority is always to provide the healthiest treatment for all to achieve at the most reasonable price without compromising hygiene and high quality

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Dentist in Turkey

Teeth cleaning, x-ray, tooth extraction, implants placement, orthodontics, root canal treatment, bleaching… The dental surgeon in Turkey uses different techniques to treat, fix and strengthen your teeth (Teeth cleaning, x-ray, tooth extraction, implants placement, orthodontics, root canal treatment, bleaching…). In terms of care and treatment at the dentist, the specialist in Turkey has all the expertise, but also the technical platform, which is important for a good care of his patients. We invite you to explore the various dentist’s practices in Turkey


In order to prevent complications as soon as possible, it is highly recommended that you visit your dentist at least once a year, even if you maintain an excellent oral hygiene. This practitioner carefully examines your entire mouth: teeth, gums, but also the roots, the palate, the inside of the cheeks … With the naked eye or with the help of x-rays, he analyses the condition of your teeth and identifies any abnormalities which, taken in time, will not lead to a serious health problem. During this general dentistry consultation, your specialist performs a complete cleaning of your teeth and scaling, enough to restore a safe, smooth and radiant smile.

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Why Choose Our Clinic ?

Who We Are ? We, Panoramik Dental Clinic Turkey, have been carrying out our aesthetic and surgical dental treatments at our clinics in the central tourist and hotels region of Antalya for more than 20 years.