All on 6 dental implant:

When a human loses all of their teeth, they are unable to chew or feed adequately, impairing the digestive system’s overall work. This is why dental professionals have spent years developing a supportive and practical denture.

What are the biggest drawbacks of conventional dentures?

The biggest issues with new dental implants and prostheses are the sore, non-functional, and even painful sensation that patients experience as a result of the extra precautions that they must take to keep the whole prosthesis clean. Similarly, most dental implants and prosthetics are prohibitively costly for most people. Finally, fitting several prostheses is time-consuming and costly, which is why the All on 6 approach, or dental implant solution based on six implants with a big prosthesis, was created (for example with 12 crowns).

Many years ago, a dentist specialized in dental implants was able to combine and refine dental implant procedures available since the sixties, resulting in the development of a modern, cleaner, more convenient, and more robust procedure known as All on 6 dental care, which can be described as an all in one approach for a large dental prosthesis based on six dental implants. It’s worth noting that there’s a related approach in

What makes the All on 6 dental implant unique?

The All on 6 dental implant is built on the placement of six implants in very precise areas of the jawbone to create a three dimensional trapezoid like figure that can hold bolted dentures or bridges to replace approximately 12 teeth.

Who would benefit from an All on 6 dental implant?

All on 6 dental implants, according to experts, may be used by patients who have lost all of their teeth.

Similarly, for patients who are unable to have conventional dental implants, this procedure is an excellent choice. Experts estimate that 90 percent of patients who are unable to have conventional implants will benefit from All on 6 dental surgeries and regain appropriate jawbone and teeth.

Patients of bone damage are also excellent candidates for this treatment since the implants are located in the frontal region of the mouth, which eliminates the need for a bone graft or augmentation procedure. elevation of the sinuses Indeed, the strain is spread between multiple points by using a base of six implants and the jaw will support the weight of the bridge as well as the teeth.

Both of these benefits mean that the All on 6 helps the patient to stop getting 12 replacements and as many sıngle crown, resulting in a significant time, expense, and rest save. his jaws.

Also keep in mind that your dentist will place dental implants in conjunction with other procedures on your teeth, such as the placement of dental veneers.