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All the Questions Wondered by Those Who Will Have Implants

Dental Implants are one of the most preferred dental treatment methods today. It is generally used in the treatment of rotten teeth or broken or missing teeth. Implant teeth, which are compatible with natural teeth, are a very easy method contrary to popular belief. You can find the answers to all your questions about dental implants, which are quite easy, on our blog.

When is the implant done instead of the extracted tooth?

It is one of the most frequently asked questions by patients who will have implant dental treatment. It is necessary to have sufficient information about the extracted tooth root in order to say something clear on this subject. If the root of the extracted tooth has not been damaged and there is a suitable jaw structure for implant tooth application, implant tooth treatment can be performed 2-3 months after the extracted tooth. In this way, it listens to the root of the tooth and fuses better with the implant.

Does Implant tooth decay?

Implant teeth are the closest treatment method to natural teeth in terms of structure. Although they are structurally similar, there is no decay like natural teeth. For this reason, you can use dental implants with the right care for many years without fear of decay.

How long does the Implant integrate on the jawbone?

Dental implants have 2 different types of union. The first is the union time of the sutures and the second is the fusion time of the implants with the jawbone. In both cases, the times differ. If we talk about the first case, the stitches fuse in 1 week to 10. However, the fusion of the jawbone and the implants varies between 2 and 4 months. This change is related to the person’s jaw structure.

Are other teeth damaged during implant insertion?

The purpose of implant dental procedures is to treat decayed or missing teeth. Therefore, when implanting a sick or missing tooth, it does not harm the healthy teeth in any way.

Is swelling normal after dental implant?

During implant dental treatment, local anaesthesia is applied to the implant area. After local anaesthesia, a needle is injected to numb the tooth and the treatment is started. At the end of the dental implant treatment, swelling due to reasons such as needle and local anaesthesia is normal and there is nothing to worry about. The swellings disappear within a maximum of 10 days, and the patient regains his normal appearance.

Can smokers have implants?

It is not recommended for individuals who will have dental implants to smoke. Because smoking destroys the structure of the jawbone over time. For this reason, the fall rate of implants in smokers is 2-3 times higher than in non-smokers. If you want to learn about smoking after the implant procedure, you can review our blog post.

Does implant cause cancer?

As a result of the researches carried out around the world, such a finding has not been found. It is certain that the dental implant will not cause such a situation. You can have all types of implants, especially titanium alloy implants, without worry and have healthy teeth.

Can I have a dental implant during pregnancy?

It is not considered appropriate for expectant mothers to have dental implants. Because after the treatment, antibiotic use is recommended for faster healing and fusion of the tooth. It is not appropriate for expectant mothers who have a suspicion of pregnancy to have implants, as they will mix with the blood if antibiotics are used.

Can MRI be entered with an implant?

If you have a dental implant, there is no harm in having an MRI. No type of implant, whether a metal alloy dental implant or a titanium or porcelain alloy implant, harms a person or a medical device. Because implants do not have magnetic field generating properties due to their structure.

Is there a painful feeling during or after implant making?

There is no pain sensation in implant construction. Because the area to be treated is anesthetized with local anaesthesia. Thus, the patient does not feel any pain or pain in the area where the dental implant is made. After the implant procedure, the feeling of pain is at minimum levels. It is possible to relieve the low-level pain that occurs with the painkillers recommended by the doctor.

Is Gum Important in Implant Treatment?

Gum structure is very important in dental implant treatments. The healthier the gingival structure, the shorter the time for the implants to adapt and fuse with the gingiva. For this reason, gingival diseases must be treated before having a dental implant.

For all the questions you may have about dental implant treatment, before and after the treatment, you can send us your questions in the comment area.

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