ANTALYA THE TURKISH IBIZATurkey offers travelers to mix together cultural excursions, coastal delights and sports activities from the rest of the city to the pleasant night, from the resting on the sandy beaches to the warm air above the fairies.

Today, Antalya, which is known as the Turkish Riviera, is a tourism hotspot on the Turkish Mediterranean coast and is considered as one of the most popular coastal resorts in the world. Antalya is a bright city with a nice atmosphere all year round. The mix of the appropriate temperature and heliotropic warm water throughout the Aegean and Mediterranean coast, A thousand-kilometer watershed, People from throughout the world come to make their teeth. Dental implants, veneer crowns, zirconium crowns, teeth whitering,Hollywood smile. Clinics in antalya provide various dental procedures.

Antalya, built around the second century B.C., was initially Roman, then Byzantine, and latter Ottoman at the foot of the Taurus Mountains, clad in pine trees and overlooking a wide sea. The marble gateway to Emperor Hadrian and the ancient Kaleiçi City with its alleys and marketplace, in particular, conserve treasures every era. The bright, sandy beaches of Antalya include Cleopatra Beach and Incekum Beach, are commonly referred to the Turkish Riviera. A stay in Antalya will also allow visitors to see the area around Aspendos, Pergé and Termessos.

The old town is built on a calcareous cliff overlooking the harbor and is surrounded with the Taurus Mountains, offering an amazing view. It was established in 150 BC and is nowadays populated. The roman temple of Apollo, the entry into Hadrian, the Yivli mosque, its uniquely grooved minaret and the remains of a very ancient church of the 6th century which in the 7th century turned into a mosque, and the archeological site of the ancient town of Phaselis may be explored.

The historic seaport area and the Municipal Park with their botanical garden are well worth a visit and you can enjoy a wonderful view from here. Don’t miss the museum that offers antiques, an ethnographical sculpture and a zone.

Other must see is Aspendos Theatre, the greatest in Turkey, Termessos, a lovely natural area and the cascade of the Duden River. Besides this, you may visit our panoramic dental clinic close to all of the splendid destinations listed if you wish to join your gorgeous voyage in a practical dental treatment. It is possible to treat your teeth (dental implants, veneer crowns, teeth whitening, Hollywood smile) and enjoy your journey at the same time.


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