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In this article, we will address the curious issues about broken teeth. In the content of the article; Does the shaking tooth fit in place? Can a broken tooth be fixed? What is done to a broken tooth? What happens if the broken tooth is not treated? Does broken tooth treatment hurt? Can a new one grow instead of a broken tooth? You can find answers to questions such as Why does a tooth break in pieces? We wish you good reading.

What is a Broken Tooth?

A cracked tooth is the formation of cracks in the tooth structure. Sometimes there are no symptoms of a cracked tooth. It reveals itself during a dental examination. If left untreated, severely fractured teeth can lead to infection and tooth loss. Fractured tooth occurs on the surface of the tooth, the middle layer of the tooth and the root. A tooth fracture can deeply affect some or all of these layers. Broken tooth treatment is applied according to the location and severity of the cracks.

Why Do Teeth Cracked?

Tooth fracture is a problem for both the function and aesthetics of the oral structure. Although the tooth enamel has a durable structure, it may face wear and tear in some cases. The main factor that causes tooth fracture is the blows to the mouth. Accidents; getting a blow to the teeth during a fall plays an important role in the fracture of the teeth. If dental health is not observed, tooth enamel weakens, causing cracks and fractures in the tooth structure. Straining the teeth with hard foods, decayed teeth, acidic, extremely hot and cold drinks, reflux, eating disorders, smoking and alcohol use, excessive sugar consumption, and wear and tear on tooth enamel are also among the causes of tooth fracture.

What are the Symptoms of Tooth Fracture?

The symptoms of a broken tooth vary depending on the severity of the crack and fracture. In some cases, broken teeth do not show any obvious symptoms. Fractures and cracks that do not cause pain will show themselves during a dental examination. However, common symptoms of tooth fracture are as follows:

  • Sensitivity of the teeth,
  • Feeling aches and pains,
  • Swelling around the broken tooth,
  • The formation of a sharp structure on the surface of the tooth is among the symptoms of tooth fracture.

What Happens if You Break a Tooth?

If teeth are broken, you should visit a dentist as soon as possible. Untreated fractures and cracks in the tooth can lead to tooth decay and extraction in the long term. As soon as the tooth is broken, the area should be carefully cleaned with warm water. Gargle with salt water to prevent infection. The broken tooth should be cleaned and taken to the dentist in a dry and clean container to be glued. If the teeth are broken as a result of impact, ice compress can be applied to the swollen area. Medication can be used to relieve pain.

What are the Types of Tooth Fracture?

Tooth fracture occurs due to accidents, falls, straining of the teeth by biting hard foods and teeth grinding reflex. The types differ according to the size and shape of the fracture. Commonly known types of tooth fracture are as follows:

Cracks: Teeth that crack vertically from the surface of the tooth to the gum can be easily treated. If the crack touches the gum, the teeth may need to be extracted.

Cuts: The tooth surface may be cut by impact and the tooth may break into pieces. If only the tip of the tooth structure is broken, it causes sensitivity in the mouth.

Broken Root: Fracture of the teeth below the gum, if left untreated, can cause the teeth to split in two.

Cracks in Tooth Enamel: Cracks in the tooth enamel do not cause pain, but they weaken the teeth.

How to Treat a Broken Tooth?

Fractured tooth treatment is applied by the dentist in a customized way. There are different treatment methods depending on the severity of the crack and fracture. The size of the broken teeth, the needs and expectations of the patient are chosen among the broken tooth treatment methods.

Broken Tooth Treatment Methods

Bonding a Broken Tooth Piece in Place

Broken teeth can be glued back together with a quick intervention. The broken tooth fragment should be cleaned quickly and taken to the dentist. The broken tooth tissue can be easily replaced and strengthened without the need for local anesthesia. The bonding method requires technical knowledge and expertise. Therefore, it is recommended to visit a specialist dentist.

Aesthetic Filling or Bonding Treatment

Treatment of broken teeth with aesthetic composite filling is among the widely preferred methods. It is a healthy method and provides long-term use. In aesthetic filling treatment, the broken or cracked tooth is strengthened with a filling. A filling material similar to tooth color is used. Composite bonding treatment is applied especially in the treatment of cracks in the front teeth.

Crown Treatment

Crown treatment is applied in case of advanced tooth decay and a part of the tooth breaks down. Within the scope of treatment, the damaged part of the tooth is first chipped. After the tooth is thoroughly cleaned, the crown is applied. According to the content of the treatment; zirconium crown, metal crown, ceramic and porcelain crown are preferred.

Lumineer Veneer Treatment

Lumineer veneer is a treatment method applied in cases where the front teeth are broken. It is the most preferred type of coating in broken and cracked tooth treatments. Lumineer veneer allows the broken tooth to be repaired in a natural-looking way. You can find more detailed information about Lumineer Veneers in Turkey on our page.

Zirconium Veneer Treatment

Treatment of broken teeth with zirconium crowns is applied in cases where the filling is insufficient. The veneer is specially designed in the same size and color to replace the broken tooth. It is a permanent method and improves the function and appearance of the broken tooth structure. You can find more information about Zirconium Crowns in Turkey on our service page.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is applied in cases where infection occurs in the oral structure after tooth fracture and the fracture reaches the root of the tooth. It does not treat the tooth fracture completely; it is performed to improve the complications that occur after the fracture. With root canal treatment, the infection is cleaned and tooth extraction is prevented. You can visit our Root Canal treatment in Turkey page for the application.

Implant Treatment

If the broken teeth cannot be saved, implant treatment is applied. Generally, implants are usually performed when teeth are completely broken as a result of impact. With implant treatment, a permanent artificial tooth root is placed in place of the broken tooth. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. You can access information about comprehensive Dental Implant Treatment in Turkey on our service page.

How Long Does Broken Tooth Treatment Take?

The duration of broken tooth treatment depends on the extent of the treatment. If there are mild fractures in the tooth structure, the treatment takes about 30 minutes on average. Advanced tooth fracture treatment takes between 1 and 2 hours.

Curiosities About Broken Tooth Treatment

Can a broken front tooth be implanted?

If there is a severe fracture in the front teeth, implants can be performed. In cases where the tooth root cannot be saved, the tooth root is extracted and implant treatment is applied instead. After the implant screw is placed, a dental prosthesis is inserted. A temporary tooth can be used until the prosthetic tooth is inserted.

Can a broken tooth be glued?

The fragment of a broken tooth can be glued in place with a quick intervention. For bonding, the tooth should be disinfected as it was broken and the dentist should be visited within half an hour.

Can you break a tooth for no reason?

Teeth do not break for no reason. Over time, tooth decay occurs as a result of inadequate dental care and unhealthy nutrition. Progression of decay, clenching of the teeth and weakening of the tooth enamel lead to tooth fracture.

What happens if a broken tooth is not treated?

If a broken tooth is not treated, it will cause tooth loss. When the broken tooth is not treated, the area becomes infected and causes pain. Broken teeth should be treated without causing tooth loss.

Is broken tooth and root tooth extraction difficult?

Broken tooth and root tooth extraction performed by a dentist are safe procedures. Local anesthesia is applied to the patient before the extraction of the broken tooth. The patient does not feel pain and ache during the procedure. After tooth extraction, the healing process is fast. Common aches and swelling can be treated with cold compresses and painkillers.

Can tooth fracture be prevented?

Fracture of severely cracked and decaying teeth cannot be prevented, but cracks can be prevented with regular dental care. To prevent tooth fracture, oral and dental care should be performed regularly and dental examinations should be visited regularly.

How to treat back broken teeth?

The treatment of broken back teeth may differ from that of front teeth. When the fracture occurs in the back teeth, a more comprehensive treatment is required. After the decay in the tooth is cleaned, filling, root canal treatment and coating are preferred to repair the fracture according to the need.

Can a displaced tooth be fixed?

Displaced teeth can be treated according to the situation. If there are slight deformations in the tooth root, the teeth can be straightened. The dentist strengthens the tooth tissue, but if the fracture reaches an advanced level, the teeth may be extracted.

What is good for broken toothache?

A broken tooth can cause pain in the oral structure. First of all, a specialist should be consulted for broken tooth treatment. Until you see a doctor, you can gargle with salt water and use painkillers.

Fractured Tooth Treatment Cost In Turkey

Broken tooth treatment prices in Turkey are determined according to the method of treatment. Since dental treatment is applied individually, the price figures also vary. You can get information about comprehensive broken tooth treatment prices by contacting us.

You can review our General Dental Treatments in Turkey page to get information about the treatment of broken teeth; you can contact Panoramik Dental Clinic for treatment methods to be applied by a specialist dentist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which teeth are most likely to break?

Fractures and cracks usually occur in the upper front of the teeth and in the teeth at the back of the lower jaw.

Does a broken tooth cause odor?

If the broken tooth is not cleaned, it causes odor. Bacteria and food residues in the tooth structure that are not cleaned cause infection. Bad breath starts to occur due to accumulated bacteria.

Does a broken tooth have to be extracted?

No, the broken tooth does not have to be extracted. If the tooth is slightly fractured, it can be repaired with fillings and crowns.

Does a broken tooth decay?

If a broken tooth is left untreated, it will decay. The tissue where the fracture is located is prone to infection and can therefore cause decay in the long term.

Does a broken tooth repair itself?

No, a broken tooth does not repair itself. Broken tooth treatment heals the cracked tissue.

Can a broken tooth be filled?

Yes, a broken tooth can be filled. Filling is an economical method used in the treatment of broken teeth. Especially small fractures are strengthened and healed by filling.

Dislocation of the tooth in tooth fractures?

If the tooth structure where the fracture occurs is displaced, this may mean that the tooth root is damaged. If left untreated, it can lead to tooth loss.

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