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Cerec Veneers in TurkeyANTALYA

If you are suffering from tooth color, shape and gaps and want a fast treatment process at the same time, cerec veneers will be the right choice. CEREC veneers, which are prepared in a shorter time compared to traditional veneer procedures, are not distinguished from existing teeth because they provide a natural tooth appearance, but they have a higher compatibility with teeth compared to traditional methods, so they are a frequently preferred coating method.

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CEREC Veneers in Turkey

CEREC Veneers Treatment Summary

👨🏻‍⚕️Sensitivity Process1-2 Days

👨🏻‍⚕️Persistence of Results10+ Years

👨🏻‍⚕️Recovery Time1 Week

🩺 Treatment Duration1-2 Hours

CEREC Veneers Treatment Process

The teeth to be veneered are first analyzed in detail. As a result of these analyzes, veneer measurements are taken.
These measurements are designed in a digital environment to adapt to the patient's mouth and tooth structure. At the end of the design phase, the color of the veneer is also determined, ensuring high harmony with natural teeth. Thus, the completed CEREC veneer is placed in the patient's mouth on the same day.
Same day CEREC veneers process has a very fast healing process. This process takes 1-2 days.
And with fully healing CEREC veneers, you can smile as you wish and have a perfect dental aesthetic appearance.

What is Cerec Veneer?

Cerec veneers, also known as same-day veneers, are a new veneer technology made with digital 3D technology. Thanks to this technology, the comfort of the patient is kept at the highest level and a comfortable process is ensured. At the same time, this type of veneer, which is widely preferred due to its natural appearance, provides high harmony with the teeth in terms of appearance, so you can get a healthy dream appearance.

This type of veneer is suitable for long-term use due to its durable and natural appearance. For this reason, patients do not experience problems such as possible wear, loosening or falling off. In this treatment method, the patient is first prepared for the treatment by locally anesthetizing the application area with sedation. Then, the dental veneers prepared in a computerized environment are placed in the patient’s mouth and a perfect veneer tooth appearance is achieved in a short time.

Cerec veneer procedure takes approximately 1-2 hours and a rapid recovery is observed within 4-5 days. During this period, oral care and doctor’s recommendations should be taken into consideration. This way, you can experience a more comfortable and better healing process.

What Is Cerec Veneer?
Advantages of CEREC Veneers

What are the Advantages of Cerec Same Day Coating?

Indistinguishable from Natural Teeth

Since the CEREC veneer process is completely designed in a computer environment using CAD/CAM, it cannot be distinguished from the real tooth in terms of both textural and color when viewed from a distance. For this reason, no one will realize that you have a veneer on your tooth and will think that you have a natural tooth.

Suitable for Long Lasting Use

Since the same day CEREC veneer process is designed in a computerized environment, it guarantees a long-lasting use as there is no risk of error. Thus, if the CEREC veneers are given the necessary care and maintenance, they can be used for 10+ years in a healthy way. If the necessary care and recommendations are not taken into account, the desired results may not be achieved.

Completed on the Same Day

Same-day veneers designed with Cad/Cam technology can be placed in the patient’s mouth within 2 hours as they are designed and prepared quickly in the computer environment. This provides a faster treatment process compared to traditional methods.

Very Low Error Rate

The error rate is minimized by taking the measurements digitally with millimetric calculations instead of manually. In this way, there are no problems such as not adapting to the patient’s mouth structure, being too big or too small.

What are CEREC Veneer Types?

Cerec dental veneers are available in 4 different types in terms of construction;

Cerec Composite Veneer

Composite veneers, which are frequently preferred aesthetically, are usually applied to the front surface of the tooth. This type of veneer is generally one of the more aesthetically preferred methods. Cerec composite veneers, which come together with the Cerec technique, are a method that is quickly made in a computer environment to eliminate the aesthetic problems of the person.

Emax CEREC Veneer

This type of veneer, which is very popular, is frequently preferred especially recently.eMax CEREC Veneers are very thin veneers prepared in a computer environment for the front surface of the teeth. These veneers are generally used to hide the shape, size, color, cracks or stains of the teeth.

Zirconium CEREC Veneer

Zirconium cerec veneers, which undoubtedly work wonders in terms of aesthetics, give great results compared to traditional methods. With the zirconium cerec process, the teeth are made of a strong and durable ceramic material, and since it is also cerec technology, it is done in a faster time. At the same time, the compatibility rate of these veneers is quite high.

Porcelain CEREC Veneer

Porcelain cerec veneers, which are one of the most preferred types of dental veneers, are frequently preferred because they are very robust veneers. This process, which is prepared with Cec technology, provides extra convenience to the patient since it is done on the same day. At the same time, since it is made in a computer environment, the mouth size is taken millimetrically, so it harmonizes with the inside of the mouth.

Types of CEREC Veneers
Cerec Veneers Cost in Turkey

Panoramik Dental Clinic in Antalya CEREC Veneers Treatment

Antalya Panoramik Dental Clinic has achieved groundbreaking results in cerec veneer treatment with its expert dentist staff. With the CAD/CAM technology they use, they achieve a high success rate. In our clinic, a safe Cerec dental veneer treatment process is carried out in hygienic conditions using the latest technologies. With its expert team and patient-oriented approach, personalized treatment plans are created for each patient and excellent results are achieved as a result of these personalized treatments. By visiting Antalya Panoramic Dental Clinic, you can experience a fast and quality treatment process.

CEREC Veneers in Turkey Cost

CEREC same day veneers cost are determined according to the type of crown to be applied after the preliminary consultation. Therefore, it would be wrong to say something clear about the cost. Because the biggest factor determining the cost is the type of veneers.

Turkey has a very advantageous position in terms of cost and quality compared to same day dental veneers cost, USA, USA and Europe. For this reason, it would be a wise choice to have cerec dental veneers in Turkey. You can have a professional and fast treatment process by choosing dental clinics that provide quality service in Turkey.

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It is an excellent clinic with professional team and instructors that approach with fast and very practical solutions, I think people should not spend time elsewhere, I really thank you very much for their service and smiling face, which is the right address, I would also like to thank my teacher fatih, I am glad there are doctors like you.





I met Ms. Esra in 2014, her interest there is very good. It gives confidence to the patient. At the same time, I was examined by Mr. Hüseyin and Mr. Samed. The team is very interested and they respond to your every question with understanding and calmly. I sent many of my friends to Ms. Esra and they all left very satisfied. thanks





It’s a very clean, friendly place. All of the doctors are very caring and competent. We come here for all our dental treatments. I would definitely recommend. Thank you to the staff for their hard work.





I was examined by Mr. Hüseyin and Mr. Samed. The team is very interested and they respond to your every question with understanding and calmly. I sent many of my friends to Ms. Esra and they all left very satisfied. thanks🙏





A very nice clinic, especially Mr. Huseyin, thank you all!!! You have a professional staff, all of them are smiling





It’s a very clean, friendly place. All of the doctors are very caring and competent. We come here for all our dental treatments. I would definitely recommend. Thank you to the staff for their hard work.

Turkey's Best CEREC Veneers Dentists

There are many dentists in Turkey who are experienced and specialized in CEREC veneers. You can have pearly teeth with CEREC Veneers treatment by choosing Antalya Panoramik Dental Clinic in Turkey.

Dt. Huseyin GUREL


Dt. Ali Burak ISIK


Dt. Canan SONMEZ


Uzm. Dt. Cigdem BUYUKKOK


Uzm. Dr. Beyza Nur ORDU


Dt. Ertugrul AGCA




Yrd. Doç. Dr. Gülen KAMAK

Periodontist & Gum Disease Specialist

Dr.Dt. Ali Gizli


Dt. Kyamran GASANOV


Dt. Mustafa Gokhan KOYUNCU




Dt. Mehmet Salih MERT


Dt. Samet Yılmaz


Uzm. Dt. Abdulveli KARLUK


Full Jaw Implants Turkey

Frequently Asked Questions About CEREC Veneers

Same-day CEREC veneers mean that teeth are prepared and applied on the same day using CEREC (CERamic REConstruction) technology. While traditional methods usually take several weeks to prepare porcelain veneers, veneers made with CEREC technology ensure that the veneers are completed on the same day. In addition, it is a revolutionary technology in terms of durability and compatibility compared to traditional coating types.

The CEREC veneers procedure in Turkey usually takes 1-2 hours. This time may vary depending on your dentist’s application technique, the condition of your teeth and your treatment plan. Thanks to CEREC technology, steps such as scanning your tooth, designing, fabricating and placing the veneer can be completed in the same day.

Since the Cerec coating process is a fairly new application, it is only recently becoming known and popular. Compared to other countries, this process spread faster in Turkey, allowing doctors to become experts in this field in a short time and to have many experiences. For this reason, there are many doctors who perform cerec coating in Turkey.

Generally speaking, CEREC same day veneers cost in Turkey can be more affordable compared to other countries. You can contact us to get exact price information.

Although CERES veneers have a lifespan of 10+, it is not correct to say anything definite about this period. The more the patient takes care and follows the warnings, the longer the lifespan can be extended.

Same day CEREC veneers take 1-2 hours on average. This time depends on the patient’s dental condition and the experience of the doctor.

Cerec veneers, also known as same-day veneer treatment, are for people over the age of 18.

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