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CEREC Veneers

CEREC Veneers CEREC Veneers 2When it comes to having a gorgeous grin makeover, one aspect stands out above the others. Who’s the dentist, by the way? You might argue about the thickness, colour theory, manufacturing method, and even brand, but the reality is that certain dentists can make any of them seem wonderful.

Introduce the CEREC Veneers (crown in an hour):

To achieve a stunning outcome with the CEREC machine, especially with front teeth, it would need a highly experienced aesthetic dentist. It’s really more difficult than utilizing a ceramist, which is the standard method. Unless the dentist has a strong understanding of colour theory and stains, CEREC machines use single blocks of porcelain, which can make a smile appear flat.

Traditional porcelain veneers would utilize a range of porcelain blocks to simulate the opacity changes between our teeth from top to bottom.

CEREC’s Advantages:

CEREC Veneers 3

There is no stuff that leaves a bad impression.

Say goodbye to numb mouths and jaw aches from biting on imprint material for several minutes. Your dentist now has a camera that can take a picture of your whole mouth in seconds and upload it to the computer.

-There are no obtrusive interim prostheses to deal with.

Temporary prostheses are precisely what their name implies: they are only used for a short period of time. CEREC allows the ultimate prosthesis to be placed without any interim compromises.

-There will be no follow-up appointment.

The dentist can use CEREC to place attractive ceramic crowns or partial crowns in a single appointment. The benefit is that you only need one appointment, which means only one injection, and you can spend your time doing activities other than going to the dentist.

-Stability in the long run

More than a theory: With CEREC, you can rely on a level of excellence that has been proved in the field millions of times. Furthermore, your new CEREC dental prosthesis will keep your smile looking as good as it did when you initially got it many years from now.

-It looks like a genuine tooth.

The dental prosthesis seems to be a natural tooth due to the translucency of ceramics. There are no black margins visible in a ceramic dental prosthesis, unlike traditional crowns. Ceramic has a hardness that is extremely similar to that of real teeth, reducing tooth wear that is so common with other materials.

Because ceramic is so well tolerated, allergy responses are unlikely. Other procedures and materials do not work in this way. The CEREC technique is a painless way to fix your teeth. Only the surface of the carious tooth is removed. The healthy tooth material that remains is maintained.

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