Dental crowns different types

Dental crowns different types:

To treat a tooth, a dental crown is the solution. This dental prosthesis is shaped by the dentist. The dental crown is generally available in many different materials, which have different degrees of aesthetic rendering; Metal, ceramic, zirconium.

It takes the form of a cap, which covers what is left of the tooth to place a new one.

Dentists use different types of dental crowns. The materials and manufacturing techniques determine the price of dental crowns.

03 types of dental crowns:

These are the most used and requested by patients:

-Metal crowns

-Ceramic-metal crowns

-Zirconium crowns

Metal crown:

Lot of progress has been made in the last years,. it ensures at the same time a resistance, a long life expectancy and an aesthetic result always more natural.


This type of prosthesis combines the strength of metal and the aesthetic qualities of ceramic. The metal-ceramic crown consists of a metal frame and porcelain prosthesis it is very strong, has a long lifespan and preserves the teeth.


This type of crown is a recent process. The prosthesis consists of zirconium oxide, a strong, resistant and white. This core is covered with layers of ceramics similar to natural tooth enamel.

There are also “full-zirconia” crowns, which are sometimes called “one-piece anatomical zirconia”.

The life of the crowns

At approximately, a dental crown lasts 10 to 15/20 years. The service life depends on the materials used, but also and above all on oral hygiene. The service life extremely varies. Temporary dental crowns are not intended to stay in place for more than 5 months.

The crown on implant

The question of the implant arises when a tooth has been extracted. A titanium screw can then be fixed in the jawbone to replace the tooth root. The crown is attached to this implant.