Dental Crowns in Turkey

Crowns are a technique that envelops a broken or a damaged tooth and improves its aesthetic appearance by being made of zirconia on the inside and ceramic coated on the outside. The dental crown is usually made of ceramic or metal-ceramic and has the same color as the teeth. It is as natural as the natural tooth. A crown is a durable and long-lasting reconstruction.

A dental crown is suggested if a tooth has a large damaged surface. It can also be a dental fracture or in the case of a major aesthetic defect.

The procedure is very simple, the dentist prepares the reinforcement (the tooth and the gum) for the crown by cutting the defective tooth and removing all of its decayed parts. Then dentist takes an impression of the dentition and sends it to the prothesist who is a dental technician that prepares a personalized crown to match the mouth exactly.

Considering that the preparation of the crown takes between 4 days to one week, the dentist gives a temporary crown so the patient doesn’t struggle without teeth. The temporary crown has a lifespan of maximum 3 weeks and is not as strong as the permanent one, this is why the patient must be very careful while using it.

In the second appointment, the dentist places the crown and wraps it with a biocompatible binding cement. In addition, the doctor maintains that the tooth does not interact with chewing and that it is ideally matched to the patient’s mouth.

Turkey is known for being one of the first destinations that people choose for dental care, not only for the beauty of its nature and the diversity of its culture but for the affordable prices that can reach 70% of savings compared to the other countries in Europe.

The price of a zirconium crown differs from patient to patient, the material used and does not exceed 200€.