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Dental implant treatment is a very important procedure. Therefore, when choosing the right dental clinic, great care should be taken. Turkey, which is one of the important destinations in dental implantation, stands out with its advanced technology treatment methods, reliable surgeons and affordable price advantages.

If you choose Turkey for dental implantation, you should conduct a thorough research. Because choosing the best clinic for dental implantation affects your treatment results. Therefore, reading the comments of those who have had dental implantation while conducting research helps you determine the best dental implantation clinic. Thus, you can achieve positive results in dental implant treatment.

In this article, we have compiled a selection from our patients who have had dental implantation in order to help you with your decision. This compilation will help clear any doubts you may have in your mind.

  • How can I choose the right dental center?
  • What should I expect before and after the treatment?
  • What are the prices for dental implants in Turkey?
  • What do patients who have had dental implants think?
  • You will be able to find answers to questions like these.

Reviews from Patients Who Had Same-Day Dental Implants

Same-day dental implant treatment is a procedure that is quick and provides positive results for the patient’s teeth. With this method, the patient can receive implant treatment in the problematic area of the tooth and be discharged on the same day, continuing their social life without interruption. By reading same day dental implant reviews, you can gather information about this treatment method. Tooth implant reviews inform you about all the experiences related to the process.

Julia F.

My teeth have always been problematic since my childhood. Therefore, I had to undergo dental treatment many times. Due to wrong procedures during these treatments, I lost my front teeth. This situation was affecting my self-confidence and social life, as I could not smile comfortably in my circle of friends. So, I immediately started looking for a good dental clinic. After my research, I decided to have my dental treatment in Turkey because it was very advantageous. However, I had concerns about the safety of getting dental implants in Turkey. After a long research process, reading patient reviews, and seeing successful before/after photos of dental implant procedures, I decided to choose Panoramik Dental Clinic. This way, I went to Turkey and started my treatment. First, measurements were taken for my dental implant. Then, one week later, my dental implants were installed. I had my teeth done in one day and was very satisfied with the results. I recommend Panoramik Dental Clinic to anyone looking for a dental clinic for dental implants. I had a very good dental implant treatment process with their expert doctors and friendly patient representatives. Therefore, I would like to thank the entire Panoramik Dental Clinic team.

Robert D.

The thing I was most afraid of during the dental implant treatment process in Turkey was whether my dental implants would feel like my own teeth or not. Would I be able to taste food comfortably, or would I not be able to taste it because it was artificial? I was extremely worried. After the dental implant treatment, when I started eating, I saw that my worries were unfounded. Because the dental implants I had done replaced my own teeth. That’s why I’m glad I had the treatment done without wasting any time. Turkey is definitely number one in this regard.

Taylor K. 

I had come to Turkey to visit my friend. While having a meal together, we suddenly noticed that one of my teeth was broken and causing discomfort. This situation made me quite worried, as I thought that dental treatments were a long and difficult process. This was holding me back from getting dental treatment. Then, my friend insisted and took me to a clinic. At this clinic, my dentist reassured me that my concerns were unfounded and that I could receive dental treatment on the same day. This made me feel relieved. Afterwards, I received dental treatment and, as the doctor had said, it was quick and within hours a new tooth replaced the broken one. It was incredible.

Reviews of Those Who Got Single Tooth Dental Implants

Contrary to popular belief, a single implant is a very simple and painless procedure. This method is applied to patients who have a cavity in a single tooth or have lost a single tooth. With a single tooth implant, the patient can have a healthier and perfect-looking tooth. By examining the dental implant reviews below, you can easily gain preliminary information about real patient experiences. The aforementioned tooth implant reviews can guide you in the best way possible.

Ryan B.

As a professional model, smile aesthetics are very important to me. Having a flawless smile, especially during photoshoots, is one of my top priorities.

Two years ago, I lost one of my upper teeth due to a minor accident. This incident scared me a lot because I could lose some of my jobs. To avoid losing my jobs, I needed to get my tooth treated. That’s why I went to Turkey, thinking that dental treatment prices were affordable there. At the dental clinic I chose in Turkey, I received a single tooth implant treatment right away. Although it took some time for me to get used to the treatment, I can now say that it looks extremely natural and it is permanent even after 2 years. If you have any doubts about the permanence of dental implants, you can definitely get them without worrying.

 Maria S.

My spouse and I came to Turkey for a vacation. While continuing our holiday, we decided to have an implant treatment for my spouse’s missing tooth as we knew that Turkey is advantageous in terms of healthcare. We researched the dental implant centers near us, and we came across Panoramic Dental Clinic in Antalya. After reading the patient reviews in detail and browsing through the website, we decided that this was the right place and contacted them directly. My spouse was quite nervous during this period because he had never had a dental implant experience before. However, our doctor informed us in detail about the process and answered all the questions we had in mind. After this briefing, we decided to start the treatment. First, the tooth measurement was taken. After the tooth measurement, we left to meet again in a week. One week later, my spouse’s implant was inserted. As I was there, and the prices were reasonable, I also had my teeth cleaned and my coatings renewed. The result we encountered after the treatment made both of us very happy.

Tyler O.

Since I was getting married next month, I needed to have my final dental check-ups. That’s why I started researching dental treatments on the internet. After my research, I decided on a clinic in Turkey. But since my wedding was coming up soon, I had many doubts in my mind. For example, I didn’t know how long I would stay in Turkey for my dental treatment, and this uncertainty made me anxious. Because I had to take care of everything before the wedding. Then I went to the clinic and explained that my wedding was next month and that my teeth needed urgent treatment. They must have noticed my urgency, so they immediately analyzed my teeth in detail and placed implants in my missing teeth. My treatment process took about 5 days. Now I am counting the days for my wedding in my country. I am grateful to the successful Turkish dentists who gave me a flawless smile on my happy day.

Reviews of Full Mouth Dental Implant Procedures

Full tooth implant, which may seem difficult but is actually a fairly easy method, is not as challenging as it is thought to be. Full tooth implant, which typically yields good results for patients who have issues with all of their teeth or have lost all of their teeth, is also a treatment method that guarantees a quick recovery. If you are considering getting a full tooth implant and would like to have an idea about the process, you can read reviews of full tooth implants to familiarize yourself with the treatment procedure.

Yasmin O.

I will graduate from the university this month, so I decided to have my teeth done to look good at my graduation. I discussed this issue with my family. My mother said that economically Turkey could be better. We immediately started researching with my mother and father on the internet. However, there were many clinics among them and we did not know how to choose the best dental clinic center. After a detailed research, we met with Panoramic Dental Center, which fits the best dental clinic metrics. Panoramic Dental Center impressed us a lot with its perfect photos and many positive comments. When we examined their doctors, we realized that they were all experienced and expert doctors, and we immediately contacted the dental center. After a short conversation, they created our treatment plan for us. Then, they performed bone graft treatment to prepare the bone structure of the teeth for implant treatment, and took the measurements of my 4 missing teeth, saying that this treatment was the preparation treatment for implant and a week later, they created my appointment to place my implants. During this time, I paid attention to what my doctor said. A week later, my 4 dental implants were fitted. It looked quite beautiful. I was thrilled with the result. This result proved that all my worries and fears were unfounded. My doctor performed teeth whitening procedure for me to have more perfect smiles in my graduation photos. Now I was ready for graduation. I left the dental clinic very happy and satisfied.

Camila C.

I had been quite upset about my missing teeth for years. These missing teeth had become my worst nightmare. I could not smile properly in public, and even speak. Therefore, my self-confidence had dropped excessively. I thought I had to find a solution to this problem and started researching without wasting time. I visited many blog pages and gained various information from them. That’s why my mind was quite confused. Everyone had written different things about full dental implant. To avoid getting more confused, I decided to start my dental implant treatment in Turkey. I went to Turkey and made an agreement with a clinic there for my dental treatment. However, I had congenital problems in my jawbones, and I had concerns about whether these problems would affect the outcome of my dental implant. When I told my doctor about this, he said he could solve this problem with a bone grafting procedure and I shouldn’t worry about it. After the bone grafting surgery, he placed the implants. The result I encountered after my implants were done made me very happy. Therefore, I thank all the doctors. From now on, Turkey will definitely be my first destination for my dental treatment.

David R.

For years, I couldn’t eat properly due to my missing teeth, and this was starting to get on my nerves. However, financial resources were making it difficult for me to get dental implants. Therefore, I was looking for an affordable place where I could have my dental treatment done. As a result of my research, I realized that Turkey was quite affordable in terms of prices, and I went to Turkey for dental treatment without wasting any time. At first, I wasn’t very scared, but my fears began as the treatment process approached. I thought that getting dental implants would hurt a lot. However, my doctor was saying that local anesthesia would be applied, and I wouldn’t feel any pain. It really turned out as my doctor said. I never felt any pain or discomfort during the procedure. I thank my doctor for this successful operation. Because my teeth now look perfect.

Reviews of those who have had All-On-4 Dental Implants

Problems can arise in teeth over time. These issues can sometimes occur in multiple areas. In such cases, the most permanent and effective solution can be All-on-4 dental implants. As the name suggests, All-on-4 dental implants are a type of treatment for decayed and missing teeth in four specific areas. With this treatment method, the mentioned four teeth can have a healthy and perfect appearance. If you have decided to undergo All-on-4 dental implant treatment, we recommend that you start by reading All-on-4 dental implant reviews to gain more information about the process. All-on-4 dental implant reviews provide the most accurate information about the procedure.

Alice D.

Unfortunately, I am missing 4 teeth due to wrong dental treatment during my childhood, and this situation makes me unhappy. I cannot smile comfortably in front of people, cannot speak properly, and even cannot eat comfortably. However, I had some concerns about dental implants as well. I thought there would be a lot of bleeding and pain after the treatment. After a week, missing teeth started to bother me so much that I started looking for a clinic with affordable prices. My research results showed that Turkey is very good in this regard, and I decided to go to Turkey and start my treatment without wasting any time. I chose Panoramik Diş clinic in Turkey because of both their prices and excellent dental treatments. Then, all-on-4 treatment was applied to my teeth. There was not much pain and bleeding to be afraid of during the application. I did not experience any bleeding thanks to good care after the treatment. I only had sensitivity for a few days, which passed with pain relievers. I recommend you to have it done if you suffer from missing teeth.

Fernandes O.

I have to be in front of the camera constantly because I shoot YouTube content and vlog my life. That’s why I have to look good and healthy to my followers constantly. But, I could not handle this because of my fear of the dentist. However, this situation caused a bad image in the videos. I had to overcome this somehow. I got support from my sister to overcome this fear. My sister went to Turkey a month ago to have dental treatment and to have a vacation. She handled all procedures at a very reasonable price. Without wasting time with my sister, I called the dental clinic and made my appointment. We went to the dental clinic for treatment a week later. First, they took my tooth measurements. Then they said that I had to wait a week because my dental implants would be made specifically for me. A week later, my implants were made and installed. I loved my teeth after the treatment. I recommend you to visit Turkey if you have a possible dental problem.

Mathilda B.

My son was missing 4 teeth due to an accident at a young age. This situation made me sad as a mother. Because I did not want this to affect my son’s self-confidence negatively. Unfortunately, it was not very possible to have dental treatment in the UK due to life circumstances. That’s why I started researching immediately. As a result of my research, affordable dental center clinics in Turkey came up. I was extremely happy when I saw the prices, because the price of the Straumann brand implant was only £2,200, which made me wonder why dental treatments in Turkey were so cheap. When we went to Turkey, our doctor explained this situation to me in detail. Then the treatment process began. We were pleased with my son’s all-on-4 treatment. Therefore, we thank the dental clinic that gave us perfect smiles. We recommend you to visit Antalya/Turkey for dental treatment. Because it is both affordable and of high quality.

Comments from those who had All-On-6 Dental Implants

Treating missing teeth or advanced tooth decay used to be difficult methods in the past. However, with the advancement of technology, this problem has been completely eliminated. In fact, thanks to the revolutionary All-on-6 dental implants available today, the treatment of six missing teeth can be completed in a short period, allowing the patient to regain a happy smile. If you are experiencing similar situations, you can gain information about All-on-6 through the Turkey dental implant reviews written by our patients. Dental implant reviews by patients provide insights into their personal experiences, helping you to be informed about such situations in advance.

Rennie V.

I have always been afraid of dental treatments. This led me to not getting my 6 missing teeth fixed for years. However, when I went to Turkey for vacation last year, I decided to get my missing teeth fixed, so I started researching dental clinics right away. I came across a dental clinic center that was both close to where I was vacationing and had very positive reviews. Without wasting any time, I went there and told my dentist about my problem. He recommended the all-on-6 dental treatment to me. He told me that I wouldn’t feel any pain and that it was a very simple and quick procedure. And it really was just as my dentist had said – my all-on-6 implants were attached in a short time. When my treatment was over, I realized that I had a very healthy smile. My dentist told me that I could go back to my country the day after the procedure.

Brucee P.

I was constantly searching for a reliable and high-quality dental clinic due to issues with my teeth. I kept asking myself where the best dental clinic in the world was. As I was searching for answers, I came across Antalya Panoramic dental clinic. So, I contacted them and immediately traveled to Turkey for treatment. I worked with my doctor to create a treatment plan, and as a result, I received Astra Tech brand implants for my 6 missing teeth. I was extremely satisfied with the results after the procedure. I am so glad that I chose Turkey for my dental treatment because not only was it very affordable, but the results were also fantastic.

Reviews from People Who Have Had All-On-8 Dental Implants

Decayed and missing teeth, which many patients used to complain about, are no longer a source of concern. With the advancement of technology, there have been significant developments in the field of dental treatment. One of the most important advancements is the All-on-8 treatment. With this treatment, missing and decayed teeth are no longer a problem. This is because the All-on-8 treatment promises you a natural smile. By reading Turkey dental reviews about the treatment, you can gain an understanding of this exceptional treatment process. Dental implant reviews in Turkey for All-on-8 treatment allow you to comprehend the process better.

Emma W.

I had been unhappy with my missing teeth for a long time, and I had been considering getting them fixed. However, since I couldn’t find a permanent and effective solution, I kept postponing my treatment. While browsing a forum page, I read that Turkey was good at this type of treatment, and I decided to do some research. When I arrived in Turkey, the treatment process began immediately. Implants were placed in my 8 missing teeth in seconds, and I did not experience any pain or discomfort during the procedure. It was an easy and effortless treatment for me. Additionally, it has been 3 years since my treatment, and my teeth are still very strong, and I have not had any problems with decay or other issues

Clara R.

Next month was my birthday. My biggest wish was to have a more impressive smile on my birthday, so I started researching. After my research, I decided that Turkey was the best place for the all on 8 procedure. So, I immediately went to the dental clinic. First, my teeth were examined and my dental measurements were taken to ensure that they were suitable for my face. One week later, my dental implants were made based on these measurements and were mounted in place of my missing teeth. After they were mounted, I was a completely different person. It looked so natural that no one would even notice that my teeth were implants. Knowing this made me even happier. When I celebrated my birthday with my friends after returning to my country, everyone said that my smile looked great and extremely natural. This made me very happy. I thank the dental clinic that gave me a fantastic smile on my birthday. From now on, whenever I come to Turkey for vacation, I will definitely visit to have my teeth checked.

Reviews of Those Who Had Dental Implants in Antalya

Although many tourists come to Turkey for dental treatment every year, some of us may have the question of whether we should go to Turkey for dental implants. This is because receiving treatment in another country can be worrisome for some. However, getting dental treatment in Antalya is an advantageous choice in every aspect. Antalya is a city that is advanced both in terms of tourism and medical treatments. If you are considering getting dental treatment and are not familiar with the process, you can read dental implant reviews written by patients to gain insights into the dental treatment process in Antalya.

Aisha B.

A few months ago, I chose Antalya for my dental treatment. I’m also pleased that I chose this place because I had the opportunity to have a vacation during my treatment process. I enjoyed the sea and sand due to Antalya’s warm climate. With its unique scenery, perfect nature, and turquoise sea, Antalya is a great option for dental treatment. Those who will receive dental treatment should definitely choose Antalya. They can enjoy the turquoise sea and warm sand, as well as have healthy smiles.

Barbara G.

When I came to Antalya for Hollywood dental treatment, I couldn’t predict how it would be at first, but I was quite satisfied with the result. Also, I had some magnificent experiences when I came to Antalya. For example, I had the opportunity to scuba dive to get to know Antalya’s turquoise sea up close. Then, I went on a safari tour to see Antalya’s natural beauties. These two activities were very special and beautiful experiences for me. It was great to have the opportunity to get to know Antalya’s natural beauties up close. The dental treatment process in Antalya was even more beautiful and enjoyable than I expected.

Liam K.

During my dental treatment in Antalya, I saw many beautiful and different places. Antalya has a very wide and deep history. It is a very beautiful city that has been the host of many civilizations. Therefore, I visited all the historical beauties in Antalya, and this process impressed me a lot. I visited many places such as Santa Claus Church, Myra Ancient City, Termessos Ancient City, Historic Clock Tower, Olympos Ancient City, Apollo Temple, Perge Ancient City, and Aspendos Theater, and gained knowledge. I made a journey to the cultural center. If you are a culture lover like me, you must come to Turkey for your dental treatment.

Megan M.

To relieve my stress and spend some time during my dental treatment process, I decided to explore Antalya. I’m very happy with my decision because I had a great time. First of all, I did rafting, which was an unforgettable experience. Rafting was an incredible and fun activity. I had thrown away all my stress while rafting. When I let myself into the beautiful waters of nature, I felt more free. Then, to relax a little more, I met with the hammam culture, one of Turkey’s most important cultures. The hammam relaxed and refreshed me a lot. I feel more refreshed and relaxed now. I had a lot of fun and relieved my stress during my treatment process. You must choose Antalya for your dental treatment because I guarantee that you will have some great experiences during your dental treatment process.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Dental Implant Clinic in Turkey

It’s natural to have questions and concerns when planning to come to Turkey for dental treatment, especially when it comes to dental implants. Getting treatment in a different country can often raise doubts in one’s mind. However, contrary to common belief, Turkey is an excellent choice for dental treatment. Dental centers in Turkey meet expectations in every aspect. You can also understand this by reading Turkey dental reviews .

When choosing a dental implant clinic in Turkey, you should pay attention to the presence of an expert and high-quality dental team and their adherence to hygiene procedures. Dental implant in Turkey is a crucial procedure, and if it is not performed by professional dentists, you may face unwanted results. Therefore, examine the dentists carefully.

In addition, do not overlook whether there are patient services that speak the same language as you. The main reason for this is that you can have a more efficient communication process, and therefore, you can easily convey your needs and desires, and your expectations can be met instantly.

Finally, consider whether the dental implant clinic you prefer is centrally located and whether the prices are reasonable. Choosing a central dental clinic will provide you with an easier travel opportunity. Also, choosing a dental treatment center with natural beauty and a warm climate allows you to enjoy a vacation comfortably during your treatment. Therefore, pay attention to whether the clinic is a warm climate vacation center. You can have both a vacation and treatment at reasonable prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are dental implant patient reviews and why are they important?

Dental implant reviews written by patients are important in alleviating the doubts and concerns that other patients may have. Since these reviews are based on personal experiences, they provide a preliminary idea that other patients may have similar experiences. Therefore, we strongly recommend reading dental implant reviews before making a decision about the treatment.

What should I look for in a dental implant patient review?

While reviewing dental implant evaluations, there are certain key points to pay attention to. For example, you should focus on the progress of the treatment. Additionally, it is recommended to specifically consider metrics related to post-treatment outcomes. These metrics will help form a general understanding of the dental implant process before and after the treatment.

Should I base my decision solely on dental implant patient reviews?

Of course, you should not base your decision solely on dental implant reviews written by patients. This approach is incorrect. In addition to dental implant reviews, it is strongly advised to have a preliminary consultation with the dentists at the dental clinic and conduct research on the facilities available at the hospital. This way, you will be able to choose the best dental clinic.

What questions should I ask my dental implant provider based on the patient reviews I have read?

After reading dental implant reviews, it is highly recommended to ask your doctor questions about post-treatment services, potential complications during or after the treatment, and pricing principles. This way, you can have a more efficient process and address any concerns you may have.

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