Dental Implants Turkey Prices

Dental Implants Turkey Prices

Dental Implants Turkey Prices Turkey, especially in the field of health and beauty in recent years, due to the use of innovative and successful techniques; It has become one of the most popular destination centers in health tourism. In clinics equipped with the latest technological devices and products; With its expert and knowledgeable teams, the clinics achieve professional and successful results. In this way, the aim is to create a happy customer profile as a result of every study and operation; It increases the recognition of both companies and our country in the field of health sector.

As it is known, in the health sector, it can be aimed both to prevent certain healthy problems and to eliminate existing health problems; In addition, we have many different types of operations and procedures for aesthetic appearance. First of all, we make an examination for our patients who dream of achieving the smile of your dreams and indirectly self-confidence.

Then for your smile, which we will design specially for you; We are starting your beauty journey together. Our experienced and successful team, which has been serving in the health and dental sector for a long time; determines your health and happiness as the main target.

Why is Dental Implant Affordable in Turkey?

Domestically preferred implant and coating materials become more affordable in terms of production and subsequent application. In addition, the preference of imported materials can be more costly compared to the increasing exchange rate basis.

However, for the services that you can choose as an expert in the field and at an affordable price, you can reach the highest quality and the most successful results in the dental sector; You can safely choose our clinic Panoramik Dental Clinic, especially in Antalya region of Turkey.

Dental crowns:

Porcelain ceramic crown:

85 £      100 €         115 $


Porcelain crown with Zirconium:

140 £     160 €       180 $


Emax (100%) Porcelain Veneer & Crown:

170 £      200€      230 $


Dental implants:

Implant (domestic):

270£      300 €     350 $


Implant Megagen ST:

320£       350€     430 $


Implant Medentica (by Straumann):

450 £      500 €     550 $


Implant Nobel Biocare:

550 £     600 €     700 $


Implant Astra Tech:

500£      550 €      650$


Implant straumann roxolide:

600 £     650 €       770 $


Abutments on Implants

43 £-129 £    50 €-150 €    60 $-178 $