Dental implants Turkey

Dental implants TurkeyDental Implants Turkey

In today’s conditions, the perception of beauty is constantly changing, but there is such a situation that white smiles will never lose their popularity even after years. When we interact with someone, we impress them with our smiles. White teeth and impressive smiles are also very important in business relationships. Being healthier while giving us self-confidence is also reflected in our normal life. It joins more friend groups and it occurs our good interaction power comes out. Having white teeth is not that difficult. Your daily dental care may not bring you white teeth. In this case, our dentists, who are specialized in their field, are waiting for the day when they will bring you white and healthy teeth.

Our institution is characterized as one of the best among other institutions in Turkey in terms of dental treatments. The procedures performed in our institution are carried out by our expert dental technicians who have a high level of knowledge and education in their field. Conditions such as frequent consumption of cigarettes, tea, or coffee cause yellowing of the teeth. You can easily crack or break your teeth as a result of tooth cavities and impacts caused by acidic drinks and unhealthy foods, but you don’t have to worry as these teeth can be easily treated in our institution. At the same time, you can have advantageous treatment packages at our institution at affordable prices.

Dental implants TurkeyHow Successful Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are one of the most preferred dental treatment methods recently. The implant method is one of the most preferred methods, both for its permanence and for giving the feeling that you are using your real teeth. The method performed by our specialist dentists takes longer than other applications. There are stages of the dental implant;

  • First of all, the place where the implant will be made is determined.
  • Roots of the extracted tooth or teeth are cleaned
  • The implant is placed in the jawbone with a surgical operation.
  • After the titanium implant is placed in the jawbone, it is necessary to wait for 1-3 months for ossification to occur.
  • After the waiting period is over, dental prostheses made of porcelain or zirconium are placed on the implant.
  • As a final step, the prosthetic tooth is placed on the titanium implant by screwing or bonding method and the implant treatment is completed.


Dental Implants Cost in Turkey

Dental implants TurkeyOur institution is one of the leading companies in Turkey in dental implant treatment. When we combine the treatments performed by our professional experts in the field with our institution, which keeps customer satisfaction at the highest level, we try to offer you minimum prices. Our prices are suitable for all budgets. Our institution, which aims to offer you healthier teeth, tries to carry out these operations within the framework of quality standards. Our pricing varies according to the condition of the tooth or teeth to be treated. Our dental implant treatment can be applied to a single tooth or multiple teeth. You can review our advantageous packages for treatments to be applied to more than one tooth. Our institution, which aims to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level, is designed to be in contact with you 24/7.

What is an implant ?

A dental implant is an artificial root, usually made of titanium, that is placed in the alveolar bone to replace one or more missing teeth. A fixed dental prosthesis (often a ceramic crown) will rest on this artificial root. This technique is not new, but it is becoming more and more popular.

Why should an implant be placed?

Replacing your teeth is more than just a cosmetic procedure. A missing tooth also causes chewing problems, as well as displacement of the adjacent teeth, which appear to sink or rise. As a consequence, there is an increased chance of cavities and a lack of normal tooth meshing.