Dental implants

Dental implants 1Dental implants are an alternative means of restoring damaged or missing teeth. Since they are anchored in the jawbone, they act much like normal teeth. Implants may be used to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth in order to support a fixed bridge. Before deciding on dental implant procedures, the dentist will do a thorough physical and dental examination (including CT scans or dental X-rays) and formulate a protocol to ensure that you do not have any medical conditions that will make surgery unsafe.

Advantages of dental implants

Provides a long term solution: If you do the right maintenance and take good care of your implants it can last for the rest of your life

It keeps you stay healthy and vital: We are all food lovers, and not being able of chewing is a struggle to everyone. And implants allow us to chew the food we love without any fear.

Gives you confidence: Being able to smile in front of everyone without hesitating is a blessing! When our teeth are damaged or lost, it’s usually hard for us to smile because we have this lack of confidence that forces us to keep our mouth closed. And through dental implants, smiles are restored and confidence is given back.

Dental implants 2

It functions and looks like the natural teeth

It protects the facial bone which leads to healthy teeth

Risks of dental implants

Like any other surgery, dental implants surgery has also some risks that can be in the surgery or in the tooth restoration

It can include:





Temporary facial bruising

Theses complications are fortunately resolved when it’s treated appropriately. It can be treated at the clinic with medications or at home also with medications.

The cost of dental implants in turkey

The cost of a dental implant depends on several factors: (the price of the prosthesis; the number of implants to be placed; the technique used by the dentist or implantologist; the number of essential examinations to be done … etc..). While prices are out of the ordinary in Europe, a single implant can sometimes cost € 1,500 or more, Turkey offers you reduced rates of up to 70% (including affordable airfares; internationally renowned medical service; satisfaction guaranteed) But also, a great vacation throughout your stay.

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Dental Implants Turkey:

Dental implants 3Dental Bridges and dentures were the only treatment choices for persons lacking teeth for many years. However, dental implants are now available. Implant-supported removable dentures are, in reality, excellent options if properly planned. Removable dentures that are supported by dental dentistry have numerous advantages.

For those who are lacking teeth, dental implants may be an alternative.

What should you keep in mind when getting dental implants?

First and foremost, is your general health condition suitable for dental implants? Before any implant operation or oral surgery, you may be medically assessed by the dentist in dental office.

Dental implants can be obtained if three requirements are met. The following are the steps that should be considered next:

Team with a lot of experience; an oral surgeon should have a lot of experience. In addition, the clinic must have sufficient hardware. When selecting a clinic, consider the education, training, experience, and competency of the dental implant staff.

It is critical to use the correct dental implant brand. Examine the brands you’re considering for their worldwide reputation, availability, quality, and guarantee.

dental implant 5If you have a problem with your dental implants in the coming years, make sure you have access to minor components in every nation. Unfortunately, some implant companies stop producing after a time. As a result, individuals (particularly dentists and patients) feel powerless.

Dental implants are made to be a comfortable prosthesis for you.

You must inquire about the cost of dental implants. There are two aspects to dental implants. The body is the first element, while the abutment is the second. Inquire about the cost of each component.

While some clinics are obligated to charge separately for the body and the abutment, some charge a single payment for both. On top of the body and abutment, the prosthesis will be charged.

Your implants will be implanted into your body and will become a permanent part of you.

dental implant 2Dental implant

Few advancements in implant dentistry have had the same impact as dental implants. These small threaded pegs may make a big difference in your smile and dental health. Implants may be repaired with crowns, bridges, and dentures, making them one of the most flexible treatments in dentistry. Best of all, with proper maintenance and care, they may last a lifetime.

What is a dental implant?

The majority of implants are made of surgical-grade titanium; however ceramic implants are becoming more common. During a surgical operation, these small threaded pegs are carefully inserted into the jawbone. Implants, which replace the roots of missing teeth, stimulate the nerves in the jaw in the same way. This characteristic distinguishes implants from other tooth replacement options.

Because the implants resemble natural roots, they prevent bone deterioration, which is a side effect of tooth loss. After the implants have Osseo integrated (fused to the jawbone), abutments (posts) and bespoke restorations can be attached.


A Single tooth replacement:

A single dental implant can help patients who are missing just one tooth. Until recently, the only alternative for this situation was a traditional dental bridge, which necessitated the reduction of natural teeth on both sides of the gap. A dental implant, on the other hand, does not need the use of surrounding teeth. As a consequence, people who select a dental implant to replace a single tooth may expect a conservative procedure and long-term results.

Multiple teeth replacement:

An implant-supported dental bridge is an option for those who are missing many teeth in a row. Instead of natural teeth, these restorations are attached to implants.

Entire arch replacement:

Patients who have worn dentures for a long time are familiar with the difficulties associated with this form of conventional replacement of teeth. When chewing, eating, or speaking, traditional dentures may move about or shift. These prostheses, on the other hand, will stay firmly in place if they are linked to dental implants. The stability of a full-arch replacement with dental implants is unrivalled for optimal function. Patients may consume the foods they enjoy with complete confidence thanks to this treatment. There are a variety of choices available, ranging from removable to permanent. The most frequent therapies will be briefly discussed here.

dental implant 3Denture with implant support:

Implant-supported dentures are an option for those who want their removable prosthesis to be more stable. Depending on your specific demands, this approach may require two to six implants per arch. The implants will easily click onto your denture. They come in a variety of retention strengths and may be easily removed for cleaning.

Full arch dental implants:

Full Arch Dental Implants might be the answer if you’re tired of detachable prosthetics. This method supports a stunning zirconium fixed bridge with only four to six dental implants per arch, linked to the posts using either high-quality cement or screw retention. Patients can function normally once more thanks to this long-term treatment.


Many patients who had been lacking teeth for a long time were previously ineligible for implants owing to bone deterioration. Because the All-on-4 therapy approach optimizes existing bone, individuals with low bone density can still benefit from it. The best part is that the dental implants may be fitted with a permanent prosthesis the same day as the procedure.