Dental Radiography (Digital X-ray)

Dental Radiography (Digital X-ray)Dental Radiography (Digital X-ray):

We make advantage of digital radiography. It provides a number of benefits over traditional film-based x-rays. Digital emits far less radiation and is substantially more efficient. The images are created in real time. Images display immediately on computer monitors in our treatment rooms, and they may be shared with our dentists for consultation right away. We may also show them on the computer displays in our therapy rooms to help patients learn more.

These photos may be emailed anywhere in the globe to other dentists, physicians, or

Dental Radiography (Digital X-ray)

insurance companies. This partnership with our colleagues allows us to provide the most up-to-date ideas and methodologies to our patients.

What are digital x-rays and how do they work?

Digital x-rays employ a unique approach to capture very detailed images of your teeth, jaws, and other oral structures, which may aid in the detection of decay and other concerns, the diagnosis of illnesses and disorders, and the direction of your treatment plan. In our clinic, we have the x-ray room.

How frequently should I have x-rays taken?

We need to see what we are talking about in order to be the top dentists in Antalya. We need diagnostic radiographs of our patients’ mouths to appropriately treat them. As a result, all new patients must get a full mouth series of x-rays as well as a Panorex. This information from past offices will be accepted with pleasure. We understand that no one likes to be exposed to x-rays, even if the dose is low. We have the most up-to-date Dental Radiography (Digital X-ray)digital x-ray technology as well as ultra-modern, This ensures that our patients receive the lowest possible dosage of radiation while receiving the most precise images.

We collect comprehensive medical histories. We consider if a patient is pregnant, has received radiation therapy, and so on. Great dentistry begins with excellent knowledge, which leads to accurate diagnoses and stunning smiles for everybody.