Dental tourism Antalya
If you are planning to come to Turkey for dental treatment and vacation, the city of Antalya would be the best destination due to its Mediterranean climate and the various attractions it offers.
Tourism in Antalya has become one of the most attractive places for Europeans and North Americans to choose. Our clinics offer full accommodation in addition to the high quality and service of dental treatment.
Our doctors follow a strict procedure before each check-up or surgery. Qualified dental equipment, hygienic utensils.
How does treatment start when the patient is in Europe?
When you contact us through our webpage or social media, one of our coordinators will contact you and take your inquiries and a treatment plan will be sent to you. The prices for dental treatment include hotel accommodation and transfers from the airport to the hotel to the clinic.
Then your journey begins as soon as you book your flights. You will stay in a hotel near the clinics in the center of Antalya where you will have enough time to visit the sights of the surrounding area.
What are the proposed and mandatory treatments?
Dental implants are mainly demanded by patients because of their lifetime warranty and because they replace lost teeth.
Dental crowns are porcelain and zirconium crowns that give a new smile to patients looking for long-lasting teeth. The dentist will design it according to what you want and according to the shape of your mouth. Dental Tourism Antalya
Porcelain veneers are the ultimate choice for a natural and aesthetic smile. During this procedure, no extraction or shaving of the teeth is necessary. A thin layer of porcelain veneer is glued to the tooth.
What can the patient do during the treatment?
After the first consultation, the next morning, the patient is free to do whatever he wants. As the city of Antalya is known to be an attractive city of Turkey. The places to visit are varied and endless like the vast seaside, the Duden waterfalls, the amusement park, the historic old town located in the center of Antalya.