Dental treatment in turkey

Dental treatment in turkey 1Dental treatment in turkey

Dental tourism in Turkey, like medical tourism in general, is a significant phenomenon. A large number of patients from other countries plan dental visits to Turkey. They are inspired by the fact that the costs for dental services are among the lowest available with quality levels and products equal to those provided in Europe. Turkish implantologists use the same brands of dental implants as the finest clinics in Eastern Europe and elsewhere (Alpha-bio, Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Zimmer, etc.). Oral clinics in Turkey have high-quality dental services and can handle the most complicated treatment plans in dental surgery and implantology.

Turkey’s Dentists

Turkish dentists have years of experience assisting patients in receiving the highest care at the most affordable prices. When you prefer dental services in Turkey, you will have access to professionally specialized professionals and dental clinics that are fitted with cutting-edge technology. Turkish dentists in Istanbul, Antalya, and Ankara offer dental implants as one of their specialties. Highly trained dentists have more advanced services such as surgical extractions, tooth implants, sinus lifting and bone grafting.

Turkish dental hospitals

The Turkish Ministry of Health licenses, regulates, and supervises dental clinics in Turkey. A full laboratory is available in certified dental centers. This guarantees that the materials used in the provision of dental services are of high quality. This is a guarantee of dental reconstruction excellence in Turkey. Smile modeling tools, CAD / CAM milling machines in clinic, 3D tomography, and soft tissue lasers are examples of dental technologies used in dental clinics. Turkish dental clinics are well-known for designing e-max dental veneers.