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Dental Treatment Prices Turkey ANTALYA

Panoramik Dental Clinic offers high quality dental treatment services at affordable prices to its patients in Turkey. Panoramik Dental Clinic is a dental health center dedicated to excellence in its field and customer satisfaction, providing a charming smile and Antalya holiday experience to its patients who come to Turkey for dental treatment from various parts of the world every year. Panoramik Dental Clinic offers affordable prices in proportion to the quality of the dental health service it offers, offering treatments that make you smile, such as correcting crooked teeth, closing the gaps between your teeth, redesigning your smile or replacing your missing teeth.

Dental Implants in Turkey


Dental treatment prices in Turkey also vary from region to region. The main reason for this can be considered as the different competition for dental treatment in Turkey. For example, while the cost of treatment in Istanbul, Turkey is $300, the cost of dental treatment in Antalya, Turkey can be even more different. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you do detailed research before deciding to have dental treatment in Turkey. This way, you can determine the most suitable treatment cost for your budget.

Why Are Dental Treatment Prices Different in Turkey?

There are many reasons why dental treatment prices are different in Turkey. If we list them;

  • Competition in dental clinics
  • Living conditions in regions in Turkey
  • Quality and diversity of materials and technologies used in dental clinics
  • Factors such as the degree of specialization of dentists in Turkey affect the prices of dental treatment in Turkey.

Average Cost of Common Dental Procedures

When we take a look at the average dental treatment costs in Turkey, we can see that the prices vary according to the treatments. For example;

Dental implant

Implant treatment to replace missing teeth is a method that provides both aesthetic and functional convenience to the person. Thanks to this method, the self-confidence of the person is improved. Dental implant treatment price varies according to the number and brand of implants.

Smile Makeover

Smile design treatment, also known as smile design, provides an aesthetically perfect and flawless tooth structure. This process, which includes more than one procedure together; It includes procedures such as aesthetic coating, diastema dental treatment, zirconium coating, teeth whitening, Hollywood smile, porcelain coating. For this reason, it would be wrong to give an average price for Smile makeover dental treatment. Because the price of each treatment is different. For this reason, you can choose a package for smile makeover treatment. You can review our Smile makeover package page for this.

Dental Veneer

This procedure, which is performed to improve the tooth aesthetically and to eliminate possible functional disorders, is a highly preferred procedure. This procedure varies according to the type of veneer applied. For this reason, no exact fee is given.

Dental Crown

Dental crowns, which are mostly used to treat teeth, are a preferred method for broken and decayed teeth. With this method, functional disorders in the teeth are eliminated and the patient is provided with healthier smiles. The average cost of dental crown treatment varies according to the type of dental crown.

Is It Cheap To Fix Teeth In Turkey?

Teeth straightening costs in Turkey are quite affordable. Therefore, Turkey can be an attractive option for both domestic citizens and foreign patients for teeth straightening treatments. If you have decided to have dental treatment in Turkey, which is a very advantageous and convenient destination in terms of dental treatment cost, we recommend that you do price research and pay attention to the success rates of the clinic. In this way, you will experience a quality dental treatment in Turkey and have an affordable treatment process.

Why are dental treatments in Turkey cheaper than in European countries and the USA?

We can say that Turkey is considerably cheaper than European countries and the USA in terms of dental treatment. Because the competition in Turkey is at a high level. In addition, incentives in Turkey are much higher than in the USA and other European countries. Because the state offers Turkey privileged opportunities for dental treatment and health tourism. This allows dental treatment costs to be quite cheap. For all these reasons, dental treatment prices in Turkey are affordable compared to other countries.

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