Dental treatment Turkey

Dental treatment Turkey 1Dental treatment Turkey

Dental tourism is a major activity in Turkey, as is medical tourism in general. A substantial number of patients are planning dental trips to Turkey from other countries. They are motivated by their lowest dental cost and the amount of standard and product offered in Europe. Dental facilities are not available at all. The same dental labels are used by Turkish implantologists as the best clinics in Eastern Europe and elsewhere (Alpha-bio, Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Zimmer, etc.). Oral clinics in Turkey provide premium dentistry and can deal with the most complex dental and implantology care programs.

Dentists of Turkey

Turkish dentists have years of experience in providing patients with the most affordable care. You have access to highly trained practitioners and dental clinics equipped with cutting-edge equipment if you prefer dental care in Turkey. Dental implants are offered by Turkish dentists in Istanbul, Antalya and Ankara. Further specialized services such as surgical extractions, tooth replacements, raising the sinus and bone greasing are available to highly qualified dentists.

Dental treatment Turkey 2Dental clinics in Turkey

Dental clinics in Turkey are licensed, controlled and supervised by Turkish Ministry of Health. In accredited dental centres, a complete laboratory is open. This ensures the high quality of products used for dental services. This guarantees perfection in dental restoration in Turkey. Examples of the dental devices used in dental clinics include smile simulation instruments, CAD/CAM frying machines, 3D tomography and soft tissue lasers. The Turkish dental clinics are famous for their eMax dental furnace architecture.

Prices of dental care in Turkey

The prices of dental care in Turkey differ from one clinic to another, from one material to another and from one product quality to another.

Dental treatment Turkey 3The price of a ceramic-metal crown starts from                                     135€.

The price of a 100% zirconia crown starts from                                      200€.

The price of an Emax ceramic-zirconia veneer starts from                     180€.

The price of a 100% zirconia veneer starts from                                     210€.

The price of a dental implant starts from                                                 300€.

The price of the All-on-4 starts from                                                       4000€.

The price of the All-on-6 starts from                                                        5000€.