Dental veneers are one of the dental treatment methods that will allow you to have the tooth appearance you desire. Dental veneers, which can be used for chipped teeth, gaping teeth or deformities in teeth, can be defined as thin shells that are adhered to teeth in order to give the teeth a more aesthetic appearance.

Panoramic Dental Clinic offers you various dental veneer options that you can choose according to your needs and expectations. Dental veneers can be made using porcelain or composite resin material. After the controls made by your dentist, the most suitable material and coating type is decided for you and shared with you. Each type of coating has its own advantages.

Time to Heal Your Smile

Porcelain veneer is a fine-structured porcelain type using a special bonding technique. Porcelain coating, which is performed to change the color, shape and position of the teeth, is especially preferred for anterior teeth and significantly increases the aesthetic appearance of the teeth.

Composite coating; It is a type of veneer designed to cover tooth defects by using a composite resin, designed in the color, size and shape of one’s own teeth. It is widely used in various dental treatments such as composite veneers, cases and tooth bonding.

Full set of veneers; It is the veneer set that the person can choose for a more aesthetic, healthier and brighter smile in case of having a tooth that requires more than one veneer. In full veneer sets, dentists usually deal with veneers of the front teeth. This number may vary from patient to patient.

Zirconium dental coating is the coating process applied to the tooth surface and around it with zirconium material. There is no dark reflection in zirconium crowns, and thus the coated teeth have a much more aesthetic appearance. Zirconium veneers can be preferred on anterior and posterior teeth.

Emax veneers can be defined as a custom-made shell obtained from a very thin, translucent lithium glass ceramic bonded to the patient’s teeth. Emax veneer variety Veneers can be used to correct the color, shape of the tooth or to mask the disproportion or gap between teeth.

Lumineers veneers, obtained from composite or dental porcelain, are a fast method performed by applying a thin protective layer to the tooth surface. Luminear veneers do not require cutting on teeth and have a tooth-like texture and are resistant to stains and pigmentation.