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Teeth are a very important factor that greatly affects a person’s appearance. With dental crown application, which supports teeth that are so effective in a person’s appearance, individuals can have the most suitable dental structure for their face type. In this way, they can have a perfect and flawless smile design.

In this week’s article, we will provide you with information on many topics, such as dental crown types suitable for face types, for men and women who want to have a perfect smile design. We wish you good readings.

What Are the Dental Crown Models?

Dental crown types are among the popular treatments that support smile aesthetics today. The crowns that support a person’s smile aesthetics are divided into types according to the material they are made of. For example, zirconium crowns, which are made of zirconium and are very durable, are named after the zirconium alloy in their content. On the other hand, porcelain crowns, which provide a natural appearance to a person’s teeth, are called porcelain crowns because they are porcelain alloy.

Different crowns that serve different needs and desires are applied according to a person’s priorities. If a person’s priority is treatment, then zirconium crowns would be more appropriate. However, if the person wants to support their smile design and obtain more natural and clear smiles, it is more likely that they will prefer porcelain crowns.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing a Dental Crown Model?

There are several important steps that people who want to get dental crowns should pay attention to. Some of the important steps in choosing a dental crown include:

  • Tooth color
  • Type of crown
  • Main material used in the crown
  • Substructure material used in the crown
  • Aesthetic perspective
  • Similarity to natural teeth
  • Cost
  • Compatibility with tooth texture
  • Gender
  • Lip structure
  • Jawbone structure
  • Facial features.

When choosing the color of your dental veneers, it is recommended to choose a shade that closely matches your natural tooth color or is 1-2 shades lighter than your natural tooth color. This will result in natural-looking teeth and an impressive smile.

When determining the type of veneer to get, it is important to prioritize your needs. First, decide whether the veneer will be for therapeutic purposes or for enhancing your smile aesthetics. This will ensure that the results are accurate and stunning.

It is also crucial to consider the material used for the veneers. The material will depend on the primary treatment method chosen. Zirconium alloy veneers are generally used for therapeutic dental veneer procedures, while porcelain veneers are preferred for smile design plans.

Another important factor to consider is the similarity to your natural teeth. This will result in a more natural-looking veneer, making it difficult for anyone to tell that you have veneers.

Finally, it is essential for those getting veneers to consider their gender, lip, jaw, and facial structure. This is because veneer types vary based on gender, and different dental veneer procedures are used for men and women. During the veneer process, the facial structure, lip shape, and jawline are taken into account, and the veneers are designed accordingly to fit the facial structure.

How to Choose Dental Veneer Models According to Facial Shapes?

One of the factors that individuals should consider when deciding on getting dental veneers is the selection of veneer models suitable for their facial shape. Regardless of the type of veneers selected, they must be in harmony with the individual’s facial shape. This ensures that the veneers are in harmony with the teeth, jaw, lip, and facial lines, resulting in a natural appearance that does not look out of place.

Dental veneer models are divided into four different groups according to facial shapes. Before selecting one of the four types of veneers, individuals should analyze their facial shape thoroughly to make the right choice. This way, they can achieve the desired veneer model quickly and effortlessly.

What are the Dental Veneer Models According to Facial Shapes?

  • Small Heart-Shaped Faces

If the middle part of the face is the widest and the facial line narrows downwards, the individual has a heart-shaped face. Individuals with this facial shape should avoid long and square-shaped veneers because they will appear disproportionate and dominant. Instead, they should prefer shorter and more rounded veneers to create a more harmonious appearance.

  • Oval and Plump Faces

Individuals with oval or round facial shapes generally have longer facial features than their width, and their jaw shape is rounded. In addition, their forehead size is neither too wide nor too narrow. Therefore, we can say that they have an oval and plump facial shape. People with this facial shape should avoid square-shaped veneers because they will highlight their facial features more and make their face appear even more oval. Therefore, they should choose long, rectangular-shaped veneers to create a thinner appearance for their face.

  • Round and Sharp-Shaped Faces

The round facial shape is perhaps one of the most common facial types. In individuals with this facial shape, their facial length is almost the same as their facial width. Cheeks are usually more prominent, but the cheekbones are not noticeable. Individuals with this facial shape should avoid veneers with sharp angles. Instead, veneers with soft and rounded corners should be preferred to highlight their facial shape and create a more striking appearance.

  • Square and Long Faces

The square facial shape is a popular facial shape in modern times. Square facial shapes have a square forehead structure, wide cheekbones, and a square-shaped chin structure. Long-form veneers should be avoided in square and long faces because they will make the face appear even longer. The desired outcome is a more distinctive facial shape, so veneers with a rounder shape should be preferred.

How Should Crown Tooth Models Be for Men and Women?

Those who have crown teeth should consider the gender aspect after determining the tooth crown option that is suitable for their face shape. This is because crown tooth applications that are made according to gender create a more masculine look for men and a more masculine look for women. Thus, the person can fully support their smile design.

Crown Models for Men According to Face Structure

In crown applications for men, the point that is paid attention to is to bring out the masculine appearance of the man more. In male tooth type crown applications, it is quite important that the teeth are visible under the lips. Therefore, procedures that will create sharp and angular images are performed in smile designs. For example, in men, the upper teeth are modeled longer. This way, a more masculine look is achieved.

  • Aggressive

The aggressive model is one of the most preferred models by men. The aggressive model provides a stronger and bolder image for the person. In the crown teeth with aggressive model, the front 4 incisors and canine teeth are brought to the same size. In addition, the incisors are adapted to a angular form while the canines are flattened.

  • Hollywood

As the name suggests, Hollywood is one of the crown tooth models frequently preferred by Hollywood artists. In the Hollywood type crown, the lateral incisors are shorter than the front teeth and the teeth are generally slightly sloping and angular. Men who do not prefer the aggressive model generally prefer the Hollywood crown tooth model.

  • Strong

Especially in zirconium coatings, the strong appearance that we frequently hear its name has square-shaped teeth and the form of the canine teeth is emphasized. The strong tooth model is mostly applied to people with a long face type.

  • Mature

Mature crown tooth models show similarities with aggressive and strong models in terms of their structure. The only difference is that the canine teeth are sharper and more pointed. Men with a round face shape should choose this model.

  • Dominant

In the dominant model of crown teeth, the lateral incisors in the front are kept sharper. The canine teeth are sharpened to be more prominent. This model is generally the primary choice of men who want to achieve a more dominant image.

  • Softened

The softened crown tooth models are a softer version of the dominant model. In the soft form models, the lateral incisors are kept shorter than the centrals. The canines are kept longer than the lateral incisors. The canine teeth are given the final shape by filing.

Dental Covering Models According to Women’s Facial Structures

In dental covering models suitable for women’s facial types, femininity is emphasized. Soft and aesthetic designs are made to provide femininity in dental covering applications for women’s teeth. Thus, the feminine appearance of the teeth is supported.

  • Developed

Covering is one of the most preferred models for dental coverings. Both central and lateral incisors are given a round shape.

  • Focused

The focused model dental covering is similar to the developed model dental implant. The difference is that there are no corners on the central teeth of the developed model covering teeth. It is mostly preferred by women with a square or oval face type.

  • Functional

Functional dental covering models are a popular choice for both women and men. In this type of dental covering, canine and front lateral incisors are more prominent than the other teeth. Others are given a more round shape.

  • Natural

The dental covering model closest to natural teeth structure. In natural dental coverings, the levels between the lateral incisors, front teeth, and canine teeth are emphasized. During the emphasis, the canine teeth are sharpened while the lateral incisors are rounded.

  • Youthful

In youthful model dental coverings, canine teeth are elongated and pointed teeth are emphasized, making it similar to a rabbit tooth covering model.

  • Oval

It is a suitable dental covering model for women with a petite face. It is one of the most aesthetic models. In this type of dental covering, all teeth, including the canine teeth, have an oval appearance.

Smile Design Aesthetics According to Your Facial Structure

Smile design aesthetics is one of the most preferred treatment methods today. Generally, smile design aesthetics performed due to aesthetic concerns allows the individual to become a more confident person in their social life. Thus, the person can display stronger smiles in their social life.

Many procedures are carried out for improving smile aesthetics. The most important ones are zirconium veneers, Empress veneers, implant applications, and teeth whitening procedures. With these procedures, you can achieve stronger smiles.

In veneer applications performed in smile design aesthetics, the most important point is that it is suitable for your facial structure. Therefore, expert dentists in the field can create the most natural smile design for you by evaluating your facial structure and tooth color correctly. In this way, you can also have strong and healthy smiles.

You can get more information about smile makeover Turkey for the most suitable smile makeover for your facial structure by contacting expert dentists at Panoramik Dental Clinic, and you can achieve your dream smiles painlessly and effortlessly.

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