E-max Crowns in Turkey

E-max crowns are a new generation aesthetic dental veneer procedure. Especially people who have concerns about the appearance of their front teeth may prefer e-max crowns treatment. E-max crown is the most used dental aesthetic procedure for the improvement and development of the appearance of the incisors.

What is E-max Crown?

E-max crowns are special types of crowns made of lithium desilicated material. E-max crowns are made from a single block of lithium desilicated. Therefore, it is a high-strength type of crown.

Lithium desilicated is a restorative crown material. E-max crowns create a natural appearance by adapting to the tooth colour due to their translucent feature. This feature has made it a popular choice for crown restoration, especially in anterior teeth.

In Which Cases is E-max Crown Treatment Applied?

E-max crowns do not contain metal and metal and offer a natural appearance with their transparent structure. For this reason, it is often preferred and often applied for incisors. Some situations where E-max crowns may be preferred are listed below:

  • Stained Teeth
  • Crooked Teeth
  • Sensitive Teeth with Root Canal Treatment
  • Broken Teeth

E-max Crown Advantages

E-max crowns provide many advantages in the treatment of damaged, deformed and stained teeth.

Some of the advantages provided by the E-max dental crown are as follows.

  • They do not contain metal and provide a natural appearance.
  • It is very durable as it is made of glass ceramic
  • It prevents tartar formation thanks to its slippery surface.
  • It prevents gum diseases.
  • It can be processed finer than zirconium.
  • Each veneer is produced specifically for each tooth and patient. This ensures full compatibility.

How to Apply E-max Crown?

For E-max veneer, the teeth are first examined. After the dentist decides that he is suitable for the procedure, a digital measurement of the patient’s teeth is taken with an intraoral camera and transmitted to the controlling computer. Afterwards, the colour of the e-max crown is matched with the natural teeth and its compatibility is checked. Finally, the e-max crown is placed on the tooth and the treatment is completed after the finishing touches.

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E-max Crown Cost in Turkey

Antalya e-max crown prices are determined after the treatments after the first examination. Many factors affect the determination of implant prices. The polyclinic to be applied, the duration of treatment and many other factors are effective on the cost of e-max crown.

Turkey E-max veneer prices; When the costs and quality in the EU, UK and USA are compared, the cost and quality of the service provided in the clinics in Turkey and Antalya come to the fore. You will have an economical, high quality and healthy operation process in Turkey, which has expert surgeons, customer satisfaction rate and clinics providing qualified service. To get a clear price information, you need to make an appointment with the dentist and go through the first control.

E-max Crowns in Turkey with Antalya Panoramik Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic

Antalya Panoramik Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic manages the process by valuing the importance of correct diagnosis, planning and treatment in oral and dental health. Among the Antalya dental clinics, the panoramik oral and dental health polyclinic provides e-max crown treatment services in all its branches in Antalya with its expert doctor staff and experienced staff.


Emax Crown

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Emax Crown

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230 $

Emax Crown

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170 £