E-max Veneers

Full porcelain restorations can meet the aesthetic requirements quite well.  Image impairment in the front teeth disturbs every person. It creates a loss of self-confidence due to its aesthetic concerns. Emax veneer is the most preferred type of covering used in this sense of teeth. Because light transmission can be achieved, the maximum natural smile that can be reached in the patient can be obtained through these designs. These designs do not cause any discoloration in the gums, and they do not cause allergic reactions such as metal-ceramics. Another feature is that it does not damage the tooth structure. The ingredients in it are among the most compatible structures with the teeth. Its slippery surface can prevent tartar formation. This prevents gum disease from occurring.

The most important disadvantage of full porcelain restorations is that they are not as resistant to breakage as other crowns. For this reason, although they can be used safely in the front aesthetic area, their usage areas in the posterior regions are limited. Dental Clinic Turkey.