Full Mouth Dental Implants Turkey Cost

Turkey Dental Implant Price Dental Treatment Turkey Price Full Mouth Dental Implants Turkey Cost Dental Treatment Prices In Turkey

Full Mouth Dental Implants Turkey Cost

Your oral health is closely linked to your overall well-being. At the Antalya Clinic we offer comprehensive, coordinated dental treatment. Our multi-specialty dentists assist our patients in maintaining proper oral hygiene and eliminating dental diseases that can cause systemic disorders and impact their overall health.

Over the years we have performed many full mouth reconstructions. We treat our patients with respect and develop personal connections with them throughout the process to ensure we meet their needs and achieve the intended results.
Full mouth reconstruction, also called full mouth rehabilitation or restoration, is a dental therapy that includes both medical and aesthetic interventions. This procedure is designed to improve a patient’s dental and overall health by correcting any functional or cosmetic problems with the teeth, gums, or mouth.

Dental Implants Turkey Antalya Price

Turkey Dental Implant Price Dental Treatment Turkey PriceWe guarantee that a patient will be free of dental disease and disorders, have fully functional dentition and be delighted with their new smile. A multidisciplinary team of dentists and experts work together to develop a treatment plan that is unique to each patient. Throughout the process, you will receive coordinated care from a team made up of:
-The surgeon
-Dentist specializing in aesthetics
-An expert in root canals
-Dentist who works with Invisalign

What Are Some Of The Most Common Reasons For Full Oral Care?

Individuals with various oral health conditions can benefit from whole mouth restorations. While the reasons vary from patient to patient, the following are some of the most common causes:
⦁ Accidents or injuries to the mouth that resulted in broken, damaged, or missing teeth.
⦁ The teeth were severely eroded due to acid erosion or systemic disease.
⦁ Malformed, deformed or missing teeth as a result of congenital diseases.
⦁ The teeth had worn down to a smaller size due to erosion.
⦁ Tooth decay, gum disease, or tooth loss as a result of infection.

Dental crowns:

Porcelain ceramic crown:
85 £      100 €         115 $

Porcelain crown with Zirconium:
140 £     160 €       180 $

Emax (100%) Porcelain Veneer & Crown:
170 £      200€      230 $

Dental implants:

Implant (domestic):
270£      300 €     350 $

Implant Megagen ST:
320£       350€     430 $

Implant Medentica (by Straumann):
450 £      500 €     550 $

Implant Nobel Biocare:
550 £     600 €     700 $

Implant Astra Tech:
500£      550 €      650$

Implant straumann roxolide:
600 £     650 €       770 $

Abutments on Implants
43 £-129 £    50 €-150 €    60 $-178 $

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