Guided Implant Surgery in Turkey

Guided implant surgery is a modern surgical technique used to correct tooth deficiencies.

What is Guided Implant Surgery?

Guided implant surgery is a computer-planned implant treatment. It is a modern implant treatment applied to patients with missing tooth treatment or tooth extraction. In guided implant treatment, the patient’s mouth is scanned and a 3D model is created with the help of a computer. Thanks to the 3D model in the guided implant technique, the dentist can plan the treatment procedures without entering the mouth.

Who Is Guided Implant Surgery Suitable for?

Guided dental implant placement is often used in patients who:

  • Multiple row implants
  • Special positioning requirements
  • Limited bone density or volume in the jaw
  • Past dental trauma
  • Bone Graft
  • Proximity of other implants or teeth
  • Same day extraction and implant placement

Advantages of Guided Implant Therapy

Guided implant surgery often improves outcomes. It allows us to fully plan the surgery before insertion. Using 3D imaging tools, we can show patients the options and give them a realistic idea of the results we can achieve. It also allows us to identify areas that may require pre-treatment or bone grafting to ensure the best aesthetic and functional results.

Benefits of Guided Implant Surgery:

  • Precise and accurate implant placement
  • Less risk
  • Shorter operation time
  • Guided implant surgery can restore tooth function immediately
  • Implants can often be placed in an impaired jawbone
  • Helps to place additional implants.