Gummy Smile (Gum Graft Surgery) in Turkey

Gummy Smile (Gum Graft Surgery) means that your gums look more than normal. In order to eliminate this situation that spoils your smile, pink aesthetic (gum aesthetics) treatment is applied.

What is Gummy Smile (Gum Aesthetics)?

Pink Aesthetics (Gum Aesthetics) ; It is a treatment method that ensures the removal of recessions, color changes and asymmetry in the gums and bringing the teeth / gums to the required standards. Thanks to this application, the gingival image that stands out with a smile is reduced and a more aesthetic appearance is obtained. It is also known as pink aesthetics (gum aesthetics)

Who is suitable for Gummy Smile?

Pink Aesthetics is a suitable treatment for anyone with gum problems. Pink aesthetic treatment can also be applied in cases where the gingival appearance does not pose a health problem but causes discomfort in the person in terms of aesthetics.

Pink aesthetic application in general;

  • In case of excessive gingival appearance
  • In case of gum recession
  • In case of increased space between teeth
  • In case of swelling and inflammation of the gums
  • It can be applied if the gums lose their natural color.

What are Gum Graft Surgery Methods?

The treatment to be applied varies completely according to the needs of the patient. After the examination, the method to be applied is decided.

Some of the treatment methods of pink tooth aesthetics:

  • Gingivectomy
  • Crown length extension
  • Lip positioning
  • Gingivoplasty
  • Curettage
  • Flap operation

What are the Advantages of Gummy Smile?

  • Easy to Apply: The dentist makes the gums symmetrical and provides a great advantage for aesthetic tooth appearance. This procedure, which takes place in a short time, is an easy process for the patient and has a significant contribution to smile aesthetics.
  • Promotes the Protection of Oral Health: Gum aesthetics prevents the formation of tooth inflammation. Gingival recessions, bleeding in the gums, bad smell and mouth sores are also prevented by pink aesthetics.
  • Relieves Gum Sensitivity: Because pink aesthetic makes gums healthier, eating and drinking sensitivity is also eliminated.
  • Provides an Aesthetic Appearance: People with teeth that look too long or have a split tooth appearance can have the tooth appearance they should have with pink aesthetics. In gingival aesthetics, the teeth are reduced to the required level, the color changes in the gums are removed and a symmetrical and healthy smile is created.

How to Do Gummy Smile?

The method to be applied in gingival aesthetics varies according to the type of gingival complaint. After the comprehensive examination performed before the gingival treatment, the treatment plan to be applied is determined and the patient is informed.

Gum treatment is performed with local anesthesia. In this way, the patient does not feel any pain during the treatment. The treatment can be done in as little as 15 minutes using laser.

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Gummy Smile Cost in Turkey

Antalya pink aesthetic prices are determined after the treatments after the first examination. Many factors affect the determination of implant prices. The polyclinic to be applied, the duration of treatment and many other factors are effective on the cost of gum graft surgery.

Turkey gummy smile prices; When the costs and quality in the EU, UK and USA are compared, the cost and quality of the service provided in the clinics in Turkey and Antalya come to the fore. You will have an economical, high quality and healthy operation process in Turkey, which has expert surgeons, customer satisfaction rate and clinics providing qualified service. In order to get a clear price information, you need to make an appointment with the dentist and go through the first control.

Gummy Smile (Gum Graft Surgery) in Turkey with Antalya Panoramic Dental Clinic

Antalya Panoramic Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic manages the process by valuing the importance of correct diagnosis, planning and treatment in oral and dental health. Among the Antalya dental clinics, the panoramic dental clinic provides gum aesthetics in all its branches in Antalya with its expert doctor staff and experienced staff.