Gummy Smile Treatment

Orthodontics is a specific area of dentistry that treats irregularities in the jaws and teeth.  Examples of irregularities are alignment and occlusion. The treatment of gummy smile can include the temporary use of metal braces and Invisalign clear aligners.

This surgery corrects your jaw by straightening and realigning it, correcting deformities. You will be under general anesthesia during this procedure and confined in a hospital. Recovery from jaw surgery is fast and the results are amazing.

  • A gummy smile caused by the jaws or teeth is fixable through orthodontics.
  • For severe jaw problems, your surgeon might advise orthognathic or jaw surgery. This is done in combination with orthodontic treatment.
  • Lip repositioning surgery along with orthodontic treatment is an alternative to jaw surgery that you can consider.
  • Through the help of veneers or dental crowns, your teeth can appear longer.
  • Gingivectomy is a procedure that addresses the issue of too much gum tissue. This removes extra gum tissues and reshapes it so that it shows more teeth.
  • Laser gum contouring is a gummy smile treatment for minor cases of gummy smiles. This removes extra gum tissues that cover the teeth. You can complete this in one day.
  • In cases where the teeth have not fully erupted, the dentist does crown-lengthening surgery. This does not only removes gum tissue but also bones to expose more of the teeth.

Gummy smile

A gummy smile, also known as an excessive gumline at the doctor’s office, occurs when you smile and too much gum tissue appears above the upper teeth, leaving the smile unappealing.

We have some interesting news. Gummy smiles can be fixed. While the form of procedure can vary depending on what is causing the extreme gum appearance, if the cause is identified, we will build a radiant and safe smile.

What are the causes of a gummy smile?

There are many causes of a gummy smile, but the most frequent are:

Teeth that are thin in comparison to the gums as a result of evolution or wear and tear

An overly low upper lip

An overactive upper lip that is natural in length when the face is relaxed but grows too much when laughing, showing a lot of gum tissue.

Gingival hypertrophy refers to long or swollen gums.

A maxillary vertical excess is a development in the upper jaw that allows the gums to swell.


How to treat Gummy smile?

Like previously said, the effective gummy smile correction would be determined by what is causing it. Among the options are:

Orthodontic surgery is used to realign the bite to make the gums look less pronounced.

Jaw surgery along with orthodontic therapy is the safest course of action for mild to extreme jaw protrusion.

If teeth are too small due to wear or genetics, veneers or crowns may make them look longer and increase the tooth-to-gum ratio.

A gingivectomy should be performed by a periodontist. During this operation, excess gum tissue is removed and reshaped to reveal more teeth and enhance the aesthetics of the smile.

Crown lengthening surgery involves the removal of gum tissue and/or bone in order to expose more teeth and enable the gums to recede to their natural location.

If unnecessary gum sensitivity is caused by a short or overactive upper lip, lip repositioning operation accompanied by orthodontic treatment is recommended.

Laser gum reshaping procedures will extract excess gum tissue without the need for surgery.