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Worried about your oral and dental health? Dental treatment includes many treatment services to protect your oral and dental health. You need to get treatment service after the bacteria accumulated in the mouth, tooth decay or any dental health you experience. When such problems are not treated, toothache, bleeding gums and tooth loss, which is more difficult to treat, etc. can cause many problems. Dental treatment is necessary to prevent or treat these problems. There are some points that you should pay particular attention to in the dental treatment service you will receive. Among these, the experience of the doctor, the treatment fee and the personal treatment of the dentist can be given as examples. Turkey is an excellent destination for people who are considering getting dental treatment services, providing dental treatment at affordable cost by specialist dentists. If you are thinking of getting dental treatment and traveling for it, it is also a matter of curiosity how long your vacation will last. This period generally varies according to the treatment service you will receive and the person. Let’s take a look at how long the commonly used dental treatment procedures will take place in Turkey.

How Long Do Dental Treatments Take in Turkey?

We have mentioned above that dental treatments in Turkey will vary depending on the problem to be treated and the dental health status of the person. For example, basic dental care procedures (brushing teeth, scaling) usually take a few minutes, while more different procedures (treatment of caries, dental implants) require a longer treatment period. For example, 2-3 hours are required on average for the placement of a dental implant, while on average 2-3 sessions are required for the treatment of dental caries.

In addition, it is very difficult to give a clear treatment period for dental treatments. This is because there are many metrics that affect the duration of treatment. Factors such as the size of the problem to be treated, the dental health condition of the person, and the treatment method affect the treatment process.

One of the reasons we cannot give clear answers about treatment duration and treatment prices is that each person is special and a special treatment plan is prepared. How long is dental treatment? We will share with you the most frequently applied treatment times and basic information on how to plan your dental tourism trip so that you can make your dental tourism plan better.

Here are the most used treatment procedures and treatment times in dental treatment:

How Long Does Implant Treatment Take in Turkey?

Getting a dental implant is a more complex process than other treatments, and it is generally carried out in stages. Implant treatment can be performed in 4 steps. These steps are as follows:

If the jawbone structure is suitable for treatment, the dental implant treatment process takes 1-2 hours. If the bone structure is not suitable for the dental implant, additional time will be needed for bone graft treatment. First, you will need a jawbone graft. Bone can be obtained from another part of your body, or your dentist may use a synthetic alternative.
After the dental implants are placed, you need a waiting period of 2 months for them to fuse with the jawbone.
In the 3rd step, your dentist will prepare your implants in 3-7 days in line with the x-rays, 3D images and models of your work and jaw, and the measurements taken during the first visit. Prepared implants are placed in your teeth in 1-2 hours.
The healing process of the implanted area and gums may take several weeks and months. Your entire treatment plan is planned according to these 4 steps in a way that will be specific to you.

How Long Does Dental Veneer and Crown Dental Treatment Take in Turkey?

For dental veneer treatment in Turkey, 3-4 day visits are required. This requires 3 weeks. Your dental veneer treatment is carried out in 4 steps. These steps are as follows:


The first step of your veneer treatment consists of consultation.

After the consultation, your teeth are sent to the laboratory to be prepared.

The special veneers obtained are adhered to your teeth. This process takes approximately 1 to 2 hours.

Crowns also take place in 2 stages. These stages are as follows;


Consultation is carried out to extract the appropriate mold for your tooth and it is sent to the laboratory.

The crown, which has taken its final shape, is placed in its place.

Both stages are carried out at intervals of half an hour, and crown treatment is carried out at intervals of two weeks.

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Treatment Take in Turkey?

If you are not happy with your tooth color, you do not need to hide your smile anymore with the teeth whitening process that will be performed in just 2 hours. Teeth whitening includes:
Your teeth are cleaned from existing plaque.
Teeth whitening solution is applied and laser is used.
Your teeth are rinsed and fluoride treatment is applied to achieve a perfect smile.

How Long Does a Smile Makeover Take in Turkey?

Smile makeover treatment usually takes between 2 and 6 days. This period varies according to the patient’s tooth structure and the materials used.

For the smile makeover treatment, your teeth are first taken. The whole process is scheduled within 3 days.
After the procedures, the applications are applied between 1-2 hours.
The healing process takes 1 week at the shortest and 4-6 months at the longest.

How Long Does Braces Treatment Take in Turkey?

Braces are the treatment process that takes place in order to correct the shape of your teeth. Braces treatment goes through the following stages:
Your teeth are polished. This process takes place so that the brackets adhere better to your teeth.
As a second procedure in braces treatment, a lining is placed on your teeth. Cement is placed on the brackets and the brackets are fixed.
Finally, a general check should be made.

Is It Worth Going to Turkey for Dental Treatments?

Is it worth going to Turkey for dental treatment? In order to give a clear answer to this question, we need to know the advantages of having dental treatment in Turkey. Here are the advantages of dental treatment in Turkey as follows:

  • Reliable and quality service
  • Has the best dentists in the world.
  • Dental treatment prices are more affordable compared to European countries.
  • With the treatment services offered in packages, your personalized treatment is planned in a short time.
  • With affordable and quality service options, you will also have the opportunity to discover Turkey.

With all these advantages, you will have the opportunity to get quality service at a more affordable price and the chance to discover a new country. And you can only do this at dental treatment prices in European countries. Therefore, Turkey is an advantageous option for you to have dental treatment.

Summary of Dental Treatment in Turkey

❓Type of Anesthesia💉Local Anesthesia
❓Number of Sessions✅4-6 sessions
❓Tooth Precision✅3-7 days
❓Time to Full Recovery✅7 days to 4 months (Depends on treatment)
❓Results✅Permanent according to your dental care

Dental Treatment Periods in Turkey

🦷Implant🕒3-6 months
😁Smile Makeover🕒5 days
😬Orthodontics (braces treatment)🕒1 day
🪥Teeth Whitening🕒3 days
🦷Tooth Veneer (Zirconium vs Porcelain)🕒7 days
🦷Dental Crown🕒7 days

As we explained above, each dental treatment procedure and treatment time differs from each other. As Panoramik Dental Center Turkey, we plan your entire dental treatment process together with our professional dentists. Moreover; We do this in a way that will not interrupt your holiday. You can contact our expert team to get more detailed information about our dental treatments.

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