How Much Do Dental Implants Cost in Turkey?

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost in Turkey? 1One of the first elements that draw attention to our relations with our environment is our teeth. Our first focus when communicating with people in our teeth. Having white and healthy teeth has had a huge impact on both our professional life and our family-friend relationships. White teeth make people more attractive. People who are aware of this receive various dental treatments from our institution.


Teeth are one of the most important elements for us. We apply various methods especially for the health of your teeth. Brushing teeth is one of them. Regular brushing can give us healthy teeth. However, if we do not have a regular brushing habit and neglect our dental care or if we have congenital dental disorders, we apply to various organizations for a more professional intervention to our teeth. At this point, our institution has a very important position in terms of its work. Everyone wants to have white and healthy teeth, but there are procedures to be done for this.


Is dental implant safe?

There are many different types of dental treatment. There are many types of treatment such as tooth extraction, tooth filling, tooth whitening, zirconium, root canal treatment. In the process we will do, you will first meet with our incredibly professional and talented experts in the field. Then, the necessary examinations for the implant are performed. Since there is a group of human models that we cannot do implant treatment, it is not recommended to have an implant if you have one of them. People who cannot be treated with implants:

  • People who have previously had radiotherapy in the head and neck region,
  • Young individuals who have not completed bone growth and development,
  • Implant treatment cannot be performed in people with mouth sores due to excessive smoking.


How Much Do Dental Implants Cost in Turkey? 2If there are patients with diseases such as diabetes, hemophilia, and high blood pressure that may affect the treatment according to the use of drugs, such as autoimmune diseases, it should be determined whether they can receive implant treatment after consulting their doctors. How Much Do Dental Implants Cost in Turkey?


To perform implant treatment, the roots of the teeth must first be cleaned. Then the implant roots are placed up to the jawbone. An ossification period of 2-3 months is expected. Then, a suitable prosthesis trial is made for the implant. Finally, the most suitable prosthesis is placed on the implant and the process ends here.


Dental Implants Cost in Turkey

Based on our understanding that aims to serve you better with our expert staff in the field, our treatment prices are at a very minimum level. Due to the minimum prices, the quality standards of the materials used in the treatment are quite high. Our organization, which aims to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level, has determined the prices to be suitable for every budget. Some factors affect pricing. Implants can be applied to a single tooth or multiple teeth. To reach more affordable prices, you can contact our institution and evaluate the advantageous prices.