I feel like reborn!

I feel like reborn!

I went to Panoramik Dental Clinic Turkey on the recommendation of my friends. I’ve been wearing and removable prosthesis for years, and it really bothered me. As a result of the consultation, it was told that I no longer have to use a prosthesis thanks to the implant treatment. After confirming the procedure, my doctor placed 12 implants into the jawbone for the lower jaw and the upper jaw. Temporary teeth were prepared for me to use during the 3-month waiting period so that I was not toothless during the waiting period. On my second visit, in a period of about 8 days, I regained my permanent fixed teeth and am almost reborn. Thanks to my doctor and the whole team for their close attention!

Lazer bleaching

Dental Department

Composite bonding

Neurology Department

Implant Hiossen

Gynaecology Department

Implant Medentica

Traumotology Department

Porcelain crown with zirconium

Births Department


Cardiology Department

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