Implant In Turkey

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Implant In Turkey

Implant In Turkey treatment is among the most preferred dental operations worldwide and Turkey is one of the most successful countries with a success rate of up to 98% in implant treatments. By having the most successful and reliable medical tourism companies, Turkey is preferred by people considering affordable prices in addition to quality implant treatments.

Implant In Turkey How Is Implant Treatment Performed

Thanks to many professional dentists with extensive experience, Turkey meets the needs of patients and gains their trust in return. Implant treatment in Turkey begins with the X-rays that the patient will take. According to these X-rays, the dentist decides on the prosthesis design that is suitable for customers’ mouths and informs them about the process. The dentist starts the operation by cutting gums in the area where the titanium implant will be placed.

Titanium facilitates the bonding of the implant by getting used to the bone structure. Then, a small hole is drilled in the cut area and the implant, which will act as a tooth root, is placed in the jawbone. Thus, the implant treatment ends. The recovery period after this operation takes between 6 weeks and 6 months. If you also want to get quality implant treatments, you may choose one of the best dentist clinics in Turkey at affordable prices and get ready to smile more!