Invisalign turkey Price

Invisalign turkey Price

Invisalign turkey Price

What exactly is the Invisalign method?

To correct the position of your teeth, Invisalign employs transparent aligners created from computer-generated pictures and imprints taken in your mouth by your dentist and his staff. While conventional braces utilize fixed wires to “pull” teeth into appropriate alignment, Invisalign straightens teeth using a series of molds that push your teeth into their new, better position over a number of months.

What is the distinction between braces and the Invisalign system?

Although the Invisalign method and conventional braces have certain similarities, there are some significant differences:

– Invisalign braces are transparent: Traditional braces are composed of metal wires and elastic bands, whereas Invisalign braces are made of transparent plastic and are almost undetectable. This makes them more apparent, which may make some patients feel uneasy.

– Invisalign braces are removable: Although recommendations recommend wearing them for 20 to 22 hours each day, Invisalign braces may be removed from the mouth whenever required. Traditional braces, on the other hand, cannot be removed since they are connected to the teeth.

– Faster treatment: Invisalign therapy is considerably faster than conventional braces. Because of how Invisalign works, patients only need to wear the trays for 6 to 18 months, whereas conventional braces treatment takes an average of 2 years.

For whom is the Invisalign therapy intended?

Almost anybody who wants to enhance their smile can benefit from Invisalign. Because they utilize transparent aligners, Invisalign braces are great for teens. This is especially useful for teens who are easily humiliated. Invisalign is also a great treatment for adolescents who desire a beautiful smile since it has shorter sessions and is easy to use.

Adults are increasingly considering orthodontic treatment to improve the aesthetics and health of their mouth. Invisalign is perfect for individuals who wish to obtain a dazzling smile without the need of very apparent metal braces during their orthodontic treatment.


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