Lumineers Turkey

Lumineers Turkey

Lumineers TurkeyWhat are Lumineer veneers?

Aesthetics and rapid approach involving application of a thin protective covering to the tooth’s surfaces include light veneers mostly constructed from composite or dental porcelain. Unlike most ceramic veneers, luminous veneers may be inserted without the necessity to cut the teeth, but if the teat is fully separated and overlaps are not present, they may be manufactured with custom-made ceramics (pressed feldspathic ceramic reinforced with leucite nanocrystals).


The light-like veneers are resistant to stains and discoloration and have a toothed structure. This is a procedure which restores an individual’s appreciation and provides them a lovely grin.

Who can do lumineer veneers?

Structural deformation of people with teeth

People’s teeth which are colored because of smoking, drugs and beverages

Aesthetic concerns for people

How is lumineer veneers done?

The dentist must explain to the patient all essential procedures before the commencement of the treatment that a provisional tooth can be placed in order to enable the patient to determine its form and colour. At the initial visit (consultation). The dentist scans your teeth and transmits measurements to the laboratory to produce luminously adjustable veneers for your mouth.

Your lumineer veneers will be put and repairs made at the second visit.

What are the advantages of lumineer veneers?

Whilst the old Veneers require trimming, anesthesia, and several dental sessions, luminous veneers are performed on two terms and require no trim and no anesthetic; the process is completely painless, because the veneers are simply attached to the initial teeth.

What is the lifespan of a lumineer?

The veneers must be maintained as with any other treatment if they are to last. It usually takes up to 10 years, if the patient takes care of it, 15 to 20 years. What we simply mean by ‘care’ is to prevent bite of harsh food and not to overlook brushing of your teeth.

It should also be stated that your natural teeth are safeguarded. It guards against heat (hot and cold) and other food problems by being coated by lumineered veneers.

What’s the price of a lumineer in turkey?

The price differs from a clinic to another. But still cheaper than the offered prices in Europe. The cost varies between 400to 550