Lumineer Veneers in Turkey

What are lumineer veneers?

Lumineers veneers , which are primarily made of composite or dental porcelain, are an aesthetic and quick method that involves applying a thin protective layer to the tooth’s surface. The lumineer veneers can be put without the need to cut the teeth, unlike most ceramic veneers, but if the teeth are perfectly spaced and there are no overlaps,They can be custom-made from proprietary Cerinate ceramic (pressed feldspathic ceramic reinforced with leucite nanocrystals).
The lumineers veneers have a tooth-like texture and are resistant to stains and pigmentation. It is a treatment that restores a person’s self-esteem and gives them a beautiful smile.

Who can do lumineer veneers?

  • People with teeth structural deformation
  • People who have tooth discoloration from smoking, drugs and drinks
  • People with aesthetic problems

How is lumineer veneers done?

At the first appointment (consultation) The dentist explain to the patient all the necessary steps that will be taken before starting the treatment that a provisory tooth is put so the patient can decide of the color and shape of his teeth. The dentist measures your teeth and sends your measurements to the laboratory in order to manufacture lumineer veneers that suits your mouth.
In the second appointment, your lumineer veneers are placed and the necessary corrections are done.

What are the advantages of lumineer veneers?

While the old Veneers need trimming, anesthesia and several appointments with the dentist, Lumineer veneers are done in two appointments and need no trimming and no anesthesia and the treatment is totally painless because the veneers are simply fixed to the original teeth.

What is the lifespan of a lumineer?

Like any other treatment, the veneers must be well maintained if we want them to last up. They normally last up to 10 years ever