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Dental Veneer treatment is a frequently preferred method today for many reasons. Thanks to this method, the tooth gains a natural and aesthetic appearance, allowing the person to have a charming smile. But for some reasons, the veneer process may fall off the teeth. In this case, you don’t have to worry because veneers can be treated again. Here in this article for you, we have written about what you should do to prevent the veneers from falling off, what to do when your veneers fall off. We wish you all a good reading.

Why Do Veneers Fall?

In coatings, there may be a problem of falling due to many factors. At the beginning of these factors, there may be problems caused by the way it is made or the person. We can list these problems as follows.

Obsolete Coatings

Perhaps the most common reason for dental veneers to fall off is the expiration of the veneers. Although many people claim that dental veneers can be used forever, the usage period of dental veneers is at least 10 years. Veneers that have expired 10 years, weakening of their adhesives is observed over time. As a result of these weakening, the veneers slowly separate from the teeth and fall off. To avoid such situations, you should have your veneers checked.

Incorrectly Glued Veneers

Dental veneers that are not glued correctly, which is one of the leading problems experienced by many people, may lead to undesirable consequences in the future. One of these undesirable consequences is the fall of the dental veneer. Failure to use quality adhesives in the dental veneer process causes this situation to occur. Since poor quality adhesives do not fully bond the tooth and the veneer together, over time, the veneer and the tooth wear and separate from each other. Thus, the veneers start to fall off. Another problem seen in improperly adhered veneers is not waiting the required time after the veneer is adhered to the tooth or not using enough adhesive. In these cases, the dental veneer will fall off.

Cavities in the Teeth

Lifestyle and eating habits sometimes cause cavities in our teeth. These cavities can lead to certain problems over time. One of the most important of these situations is the loss of dental veneers. Over time, tooth decay can lead to weakening of the supporting tooth tissue on which the veneers are based. Therefore, the veneer tooth falls off over time.

Improper Maintenance

Oral and dental care is a very important issue. Regular dental care leads to problems over time. For this, attention should be paid to oral and dental care. In addition, regular check-ups should be made. In this way, you can prevent dental crowns from falling off.

Tooth Grinding

The problem of teeth grinding, which occurs especially in childhood, can lead to problems such as tooth wear and fracture if no precautions are taken. Because of the habit of grinding teeth, it creates pressure and pressure on the teeth. As a result of this pressure and pressure, tooth coatings may break. What you need to do to avoid this situation is to make changes in nutrition and lifestyle as well as psychological support. In addition, you can use apparatus to relieve the treatment of teeth grinding. Thus, you can have healthier dental veneers by preventing the veneers from breaking and falling off.

What to do if the veneer falls off?

There should be no excitement and panic in case of possible crown tooth loss. In such possible situations, you need to keep your composure as much as possible. Because excitement and panic situations cause the process to become difficult. In cases where the dental crown falls off, we recommend that you follow the steps below. Here’s what to do when dental veneers fall off;

Don’t Throw Away Veneer Parts

The moment a dental crown falls off, do not throw it away. Because the pieces of the veneer that you have preserved and stored can be treated by the dentist by joining them together. What you need to do for this is to protect the fallen veneer pieces in a sealed and hygienic container. This way, your doctor can examine and treat the veneer piece.

Do not try to intervene yourself

Never try to intervene in dental veneers yourself. Because veneers are a very sensitive issue. Therefore, they should be treated by professional physicians. In addition, the veneers that you try to stick with your own methods do not stick in a healthy way and can cause serious health problems because the adhesives you use are not suitable for oral use. For all these reasons, it would be more correct to be treated by your physician.

Contact Your Dentist Directly

From the moment your dental veneer falls off, be sure to contact the dentist after putting it in a protected container. After contacting and making an appointment, you can have your veneers treated quickly and have healthy dental veneers.

How to Prevent Veneers from Falling?

There are several practical and easy alternative methods to prolong the life of dental veneers and prevent them from falling off at the same time. Thanks to these practical and easy methods, you can have healthier dental veneers. Here is what you need to do to prevent veneers from falling off;

Use a Tooth Protector at Night

As mentioned above, teeth grinding is one of the main problems that cause dental veneers to fall off. For this reason, while undergoing treatment, wear a night guard until the habit of teeth grinding is over. In this way, night guards prevent the pressure and pressure on the dental veneers and prevent the veneers from breaking.

Reconsider Your Dental Habits

Dental habits are one of the issues that should be reviewed for people who have had dental crown treatment. Especially habits such as hard-shelled food consumption, nail biting or pencil biting can cause permanent damage to dental veneers in the long and short term. Therefore, you should stop such habits before it is too late. Otherwise, your veneers may break and fall off. You can get help from specialized dentists and professional psychologists.

Do not skip your controls

Regular dental check-ups prevent many dental problems that may occur beforehand. In particular, checking dental veneer treatments every six months helps the veneers to be used in a healthier way. For example, tooth decay detected thanks to regular checks can be treated quickly, preventing possible dental coating problems. For this reason, you should always have your veneers checked regularly every six months.

What happens if we don’t change the coatings?

Dental veneers can be used for 10 years if they are regularly and properly maintained and checked. Veneers that have completed the specified period need to be repaired. So what happens if expired veneers are not replaced? Have you ever wondered? The answer is very simple.

  • If dental veneers that have expired are not replaced on time, the material loses its integrity and increases the risk of the veneers falling off.
  • If the more delicate porcelain veneers are not replaced, cracks and chips may occur on the veneer surface.
  • In addition, if the veneers, which are bright and white, are not replaced, they become more dull and yellowish in color. In this case, it destroys the aesthetics of the veneers.
  • In addition, when dental veneers are not replaced, the underlying dental problems cannot be directly analyzed. As a result, the problems gradually grow and damage the veneer.

How to Treat a Damaged Dental Veneer?

The treatment of damaged coatings is quick and easy. There is no need to worry about this. Your doctor will analyze the situation and determine the best treatment method for you. The dental veneer treatment process consists of 5 stages. These are

Evaluation of the coating

The condition of the fallen veneer is carefully examined by your dentist. As a result of the examinations, the strength, damage status and reusability rate of the veneer are evaluated and a treatment plan is created. Treatment is started in accordance with this plan.

Cleaning the tooth

In line with the treatment plan planned by your doctor, the tooth surface and the veneer bed are cleaned in detail. The cleaned tooth and the veneer bed are cleaned of debris such as plaque and adhesive, and the area is made ready for treatment.

Repair or replacement of the veneer

After cleaning, the condition of the coating is analyzed in detail and planning is made. If, as a result of the assessment, the fallen coating is damaged, cracked or broken, repair or replacement options will be evaluated. In this case, the pavement can be repaired or completely rebuilt.

Veneer placement

After cleaning the veneer bed, if the veneer tooth is intact and undamaged, your dentist glues the veneer back in place. While doing this, the veneer is firmly attached to the tooth and placed appropriately to the tooth, so that your dental crown is renewed.


Once your dental crown is in place, it is checked by your dentist for the last time. During the checks, the necessary adjustments are made to ensure the correct fit, bite and aesthetic suitability in the mouth. Thus, the dental crown treatment is completed.

Antalya Panoramik Dental Clinic, which creates miracles in the field of Dental Veneers in Turkey, makes a difference with its advanced treatments in the field of dental veneers. Panoramic Dental Clinic provides you with perfect smiles by professionally renewing the fallen dental veneers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I glue my veneer that fell off back on?

You cannot bond veneers that have fallen off yourself. When you try to bond the dental crown, you will damage the crown and your tooth even more. For this, you can see a specialist dentist and get a healthy dental crown. Because your dentist will check the fallen veneer in detail and recommend appropriate treatment options.

Is it normal for the veneers to fall off?

It is not normal for teeth treated with veneers to fall out. Veneers are a dental procedure that is firmly bonded to the tooth surface. And they are generally expected to last a long time. When well applied, veneers can be used for many years.

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