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Same-Day Dental Implants in Turkey ANTALYA

Can implant treatment that takes months be done in 1 day? Implant treatment in one day, as the name suggests, allows you to have perfect teeth and smile in 1 day.

Same Day Dental Implants in Turkey

Same Day Dental Implant Treatment Summary

👨🏻‍⚕️Sensitivity Process 2 – 5 Days

👨🏻‍⚕️Persistence of Results25+ Years

👨🏻‍⚕️Recovery Time8-12 Weeks

🩺 Treatment Duration1 -2 Hours

Same Day Dental Implants Treatment Process

If the jawbone structure is suitable for dental implant treatment on the same day, the implant treatment process takes 1-2 hours. However, if the bone structure is not suitable for dental implants, additional time will be needed for bone graft treatment.
Your dentist prepares your implants within 3-7 days in line with the measurements taken. The prepared implants are placed in your tooth in 1-2 hours.
After the dental implants are placed on the same day, you will have a 2-month waiting period for them to fuse with the jawbone.
The healing process of the implanted area and your gums takes 1 week in the short term. In the long term, this process takes 4 to 6 months.

What is Implant in 1 Day? In Which Situations Is It Applied?

Implant treatment in one day is the realization of tooth extraction and implant treatment in a single session. Immediate Implant or Implant is very ideal for patients who have edentulousness and need healthy teeth and smile immediately.

With 1-day implant treatment, you can have healthy teeth and a perfect smile in the same day, without waiting for months, as it is an effective method in a short time, whether you are in the country or abroad.

Situations where implant treatment is used in 1 day:

  • Single dental implant
  • Multiple implants
  • All oral implants

Who is Implant Applied to in One Day?

  • Patients who neglected their timely treatment
  • Unpleasant patients with loose teeth
  • Patients with caries and bacteria in their mouth
  • Patients who have difficulty using their removable prostheses
  • Patients with gum disease and osteoporosis
  • Those who have genetically missing teeth or have lost their teeth as a result of an accident are suitable candidates for implant treatment in one day, and it should not be forgotten that the application should be started after the doctor’s control.
What is Implant in 1 Day
Same Day Dental Implants

How is Single Stage Implant Treatment Applied?

  • First of all, your doctor decides whether you are a suitable candidate for rapid implant treatment after the examination.
  • The type of implant suitable for this procedure is determined.
  • Tooth extraction takes place.
  • The implant site is prepared and the placement is performed.
  • The compression value of the implant is measured. If the bone value is high, the implant is made.

Advantages of Immediate Implant

  • Implant treatment takes 3 to 8 months. With implant treatment on the same day, this period is reduced to 1 day.
  • Patients have healthy teeth and a unique smile on the same day.
  • With the emergency implant, it is possible to achieve the same success as the classical implant treatment.
  • It is a rapid implant treatment and there is no need for a healing process. You can return to daily life immediately. In this process, hard foods should be avoided for 6 weeks in the implanted area.
  • Your new smile also renews your self-confidence.

Same Day Implant Treatment in Antalya Panoramik Dental Clinic

Antalya Panoramik Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic manages the process by valuing the importance of correct diagnosis, planning and treatment in oral and dental health. Among the dental clinics in Antalya, the panoramik dental clinic provides one-day implant treatment in all its branches in Antalya with its expert doctor staff and experienced staff.

Same Day Dental Implants in Turkey Cost

Antalya same day implant prices are determined after the treatments after the first examination. Many factors affect the determination of Antalya one day implant prices. The number of missing teeth of the patient, the structure of the patient’s jawbone, the polyclinic to be applied, the implant dental technique, the duration of treatment, the implant brands and many other factors are effective on the cost of same day implant.

Turkey Same Day Dental Implants prices; When the costs and quality in the EU, UK and USA are compared, the cost and quality of the service provided in the clinics in Turkey and Antalya come to the fore. You will have an economical, high quality and healthy operation process in Turkey, which has expert surgeons, customer satisfaction rate and clinics providing qualified service.

Same day dental implants price in Turkey vary between $ 300 and $ 800. In order to get a clear price information, you need to make an appointment with the dentist and go through the first control.

Same Day Dental Implants Cost

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It is an excellent clinic with professional team and instructors that approach with fast and very practical solutions, I think people should not spend time elsewhere, I really thank you very much for their service and smiling face, which is the right address, I would also like to thank my teacher fatih, I am glad there are doctors like you.





I met Ms. Esra in 2014, her interest there is very good. It gives confidence to the patient. At the same time, I was examined by Mr. Hüseyin and Mr. Samed. The team is very interested and they respond to your every question with understanding and calmly. I sent many of my friends to Ms. Esra and they all left very satisfied. thanks





It’s a very clean, friendly place. All of the doctors are very caring and competent. We come here for all our dental treatments. I would definitely recommend. Thank you to the staff for their hard work.





I was examined by Mr. Hüseyin and Mr. Samed. The team is very interested and they respond to your every question with understanding and calmly. I sent many of my friends to Ms. Esra and they all left very satisfied. thanks🙏





A very nice clinic, especially Mr. Huseyin, thank you all!!! You have a professional staff, all of them are smiling





It’s a very clean, friendly place. All of the doctors are very caring and competent. We come here for all our dental treatments. I would definitely recommend. Thank you to the staff for their hard work.

Best Same Day Implant Dentists in Turkey

Turkey has the best dentists in implant treatment. Turkey’s best implant dentists have enabled thousands of people to smile completely with the training they have received and the experience they have gained. With same day dental implant dentists, you can get the perfect smile in just 1 day.

Dt. Huseyin GUREL


Dt. Ali Burak ISIK


Dt. Canan SONMEZ


Uzm. Dt. Cigdem BUYUKKOK


Uzm. Dr. Beyza Nur ORDU


Dt. Ertugrul AGCA




Yrd. Doç. Dr. Gülen KAMAK


Dr. Dt. Kursat SECME

Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dt. Kyamran GASANOV


Dt. Mustafa Gokhan KOYUNCU




Dt. Mehmet Salih MERT


Dr. Dt. Seda ONOL


Uzm. Dt. Abdulveli KARLUK


Dental Implants Same Day

FAQ About Same Day Implant

Implant treatment on the same day is the treatment option that wants to have a pleasant smile with sufficient jawbone.

There are many brands, both domestic and foreign, that produce implants. Implant brands are important for the health of your teeth and not to face any problems. As the Panoramik Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic, in the same day implant treatment; We use domestic, implant megagen ST, implant medantica (BY STRAUMANN), implant Nobel Biocare, implant Astra Tech and implant Straumann Roxolide implant brands.

If the amount of bone in your jaw is at the desired level, implant treatment can be applied on the same day with tooth extraction. It is also known as an immediate implant in the medical literature.

There are factors such as shorter time, the same endurance, faster action in the healing process.

The first phase of the treatment is completed in about 10-15 minutes. The placement time of each implant is 3-4 minutes. First, the implants are placed in the jawbone, and then it is expected that the implants will fuse to the jawbone for about 3 to 6 months.

Compared to other European countries, Turkey offers better quality implant treatment services at a lower cost. With its quality implant brands and experienced dentists, Turkey is among the most preferred countries in implant treatment.

Implant treatment prices on the same day vary according to the implant brands used and the dental health of the person. To get clear price information about implant treatment prices, you can make an appointment and be examined.

Implant prices also vary according to the chosen implant brand. You can find our preferred implant brands and prices on our prices page.

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