Single Tooth Implants Turkey

Single Tooth Implants Turkey

Many people today suffer from a single missing tooth in the front or back. In the absence of a single tooth, especially in the absence of anterior teeth, the smile and self-confidence of people are damaged. Also, missing teeth make it difficult to eat and speak. If you are having this problem like thousands of people around the world, don’t worry, your problem is solved at Panoramik Dental Clinic Turkey.

You may have some questions about which treatment option is best for you. Although the best treatment option for your oral and dental health will be recommended by our dentists after a thorough examination of your teeth, dental implants are generally considered the most preferred treatment option by both dentists and patients. According to a study, approximately 100.000 to 300.000 dental implants are used annually to treat missing teeth.

How is single tooth implant treatment?

The process of placing an implant for the area of a single missing tooth is actually quite easy. After treatment planning and examination, our surgeons place a dental implant in the required area in your first visit. While waiting the healing period of the implanted area , our dentists place a temporary crown on the implant. In this way, you will not be toothless until your permanent crown is prepared in the second visit. Our dentists take impressions of your teeth and send them to the laboratory for the construction of your permanent crown. Your crown, prepared in the color and shape of your natural tooth, gives you a natural appearance in full harmony with your teeth. After the crown is prepared and comes from the laboratory, it is placed on your implant and your smile is completed.

Implants used in single tooth implant treatment provide a structure and foundation to your artificial tooth. If there is enough bone in the area of tooth loss, implants can be placed for all tooth losses. If there is not enough bone in the area of tooth loss, the necessary bone tissue can be created in that area with modern methods such as bone grafting and then implant can be applied. In the event of a single tooth loss, an implant is placed in your jaw and a crown is placed on it after the healing period. Thus, your treatment takes place without damaging the teeth next to the lost tooth.

Single tooth implant treatment details

Single tooth implants are used in people who have one or more teeth missing. The implant is surgically placed in the space opened to the jawbone by the surgeon. Once the implant connects with the bone, it acts as a root for the crown prosthesis to replace your missing tooth. For this procedure to work, there must be sufficient and strong bone level in the jawbone to hold and support the implant. If it is not found, bone tissue can be added to that area by placing a bone graft. In the treatment of missing teeth with the traditional method, neighboring teeth were shaved and bridge prostheses were applied, and with implant placements, your treatment is performed without damaging your neighboring teeth.

Implant treatment, which is considered the closest application to a real tooth today, is a painless and simple procedure. The implant, which consists of a titanium or zirconium placed in the root of the tooth, can be easily placed in the jawbone. Even if the tooth loss has recently occurred, placing an implant instead of a direct tooth root is a much easier treatment method. Our clinic, which provides implant treatment services to its patients both at home and abroad, is one of the names that come to mind when it comes to implants in Antalya,Turkey.

If the loss of a single tooth is in an area that is visible when patients laugh or talk, this may cause many negativities in their social life and loss of self-confidence, so it is very important to treat a single tooth loss. The best method for single tooth loss is the placement of a single tooth implant. While a bridge or removable prosthesis was used in single tooth losses in the past, nowadays, with the development of implant treatment, this loss is best treated with implant treatment in dental clinics.

What are the advantages of a single dental implant?

In traditional methods, neighboring teeth are shaved, teeth are reduced and support is taken from other teeth, but if implants are made, other teeth are not intervened. After tooth loss, the jaw bone starts to erase, but if an implant is placed in the jawbone, this helps to end the erasing. Your new dental crowns will be just like your own natural teeth. There is no difference in your chewing function and aesthetic appearance. Moreover, a single dental implant enables a single tooth to be solved without damaging the neighboring teeth. It is easier to maintain and clean than the bridge. The single dental implant has the natural tooth function and offers the same appearance. It is a long-lasting treatment, the bone in the toothless area preserves itself. Better aesthetics can be achieved. Oral hygiene is better.

Can a single tooth implant be applied to everyone?

Implants are artificial roots with screws of a certain thickness and width. Therefore, the jawbone should be sufficient in the area where the implant will be placed, and the height and width that can be seen easily from x rays should be suitable for the implant. The quality of the existing bone also affects the success of the implant treatment. In order for a single dental implant to be applied, the active growth process of the person must be completed and sufficient bone level must be found. Since the implant applied will act as a tooth root, the more high quality and strong the bone structure surrounding the tooth is, the more successful the screw will integrate into the bone. Apart from this, it is one of the conditions that the gums must be completely healthy before the implants are placed and oral hygiene should be cared during the period of the implant in the mouth. As long as the general health condition of the person does not constitute an obstacle for the implant, dental implants can be applied.

What is performed in dental implants examination?

During the implant examination phase, it is first checked whether you have systemic problems when you come to the clinic. In this, the patient first gives information about the general health status. For example, if the person has diabetes, various examinations should be performed and this treatment should be decided with the diabetes specialist. Then, the panoramic x-rays and tomography are taken so that the dentist can see the mouth condition and bone level. The dentist folllows up the full mouth intraoral examination and explains the dental treatment procedure at the same time. The doctor would like to give information about the implant brands, bone grafting and sinus lifting. The bone grafting and sinus lifting procedure is applied if it is necessary. The type of dental crown that will be placed on dental implants in the second visit are determined according to the area and patient’s wish with the harmony of the full mouth. You can get the free quote and price details.

Appropriate anesthesia methods are used before placing the implant. After the local anesthesia procedure, the patient does not feel pain or ache. The surgeon opens the gum with a slight cut and penetrate into the bone with screw after the accurate scaling in a few hours. Then, the gum is closed with stitching. Usually on the evening of the implant, the person may feel a slight pain, but this pain can be easily relieved with low-dose painkillers. Implants last quite a long time. If you take good care of it, you can use it throughout your life. In order to extend the life of your implants, you can invest in yourself in the long term with the oral care and hygiene you will fulfill.

How to Care After Single Tooth Implant Treatment?

The healing process that the patient will follow after the single-tooth implant treatment affects the final success of the treatment. Of course, another point that is as important as single dental implant surgery is post-treatment care. At each stage, your dentist will recommend a medication for the pain or ache that may occur after each procedure, you do not neglect to take these madications in a timely and appropriate dosage. Strictly follow all post-treatment care instructions of your surgeon. After your implant is placed, continue your oral and dental care regularly. Brush your teeth for 2 minutes 2 times a day, use dental floss and gargle with the help of special cleaning water at least once a day. If you feel any unexpected pain in your implants. contact your dentist as soon.

Dental Implants in Turkey

Turkey is among the most preferred teeth locations across the world in implant treatment and one of the most successful country with a success rate of up to 98%. Panoramik Dental Clinic Turkey in Antalya is one the most successful and reliable dental clinic that people considering dental treatments in abroad can choose. Turkey, which has extensive experience in dentistry, a growing number of successful operations, and provide you with very reasonable prices with great results suggest implant treatment. Our clinic’s main objectives are to keep its patients in the forefront, to protect their health and to follow the changes in all fields of medicine in order to provide them with the best service. For this reason, we see all the needs of the dental health sector as they closely follow the developments in scientific and technological fields. You can contact us for free consultation now!