Smile dental Turkey

Smile dental Turkey:

Patients are becoming more concerned with maintaining or making a harmonious smile. Their style preferences are diverse and have changed significantly over time. Many medical options are being developed and can be given to them in our clinics.

Dental aesthetics or dental smile in Turkey:

In Turkey, dental aesthetics are primarily concerned with the colour of the teeth, their form, scale, and orientation, as well as their overall health. The consistency of the gum that surrounds them is often considered. Dental and gum beauty collaborate to build or restore a balanced smile.

When assessing the cosmetic appearance of a smile in the dental clinic, the smile line is also important. Everyone’s aesthetics are related to their facial form and skin colour.

Let us know more:

First, the dentist listens to the aesthetic goals and gathers them. Following that, a clinical examination of your teeth will be performed, as well as an in depth examination of your face (shape, complexion, profile, and eye colour). X-rays will be taken, perhaps accompanied by photographs, as well as an impression of the dental arches.

A detailed diagnosis and a customized cosmetic care plan may be suggested after a discussion and review of all tests. Then you can change the colour, form, scale, and alignment of your teeth!


You will be given beauty services while maintaining a respect for dental conservation in our clinic in Turkey where various assessments and proposals can be considered if necessary:

-During the dental crowding, orthodontic therapy is used to balance the teeth.

-In the case of visible and unsightly loosening, a surgical procedure (gingival graft) is used.

-Veneers are very thin ceramic coverings (0.5 mm) that are firmly bonded to the outer surface of the teeth.

-When the integrity of the tooth is compromised, a reconstruction made from new materials is used (decay, fracture).

-The process of placing implants or prostheses on them.

-Squeal therapy is for those who have lost one or two teeth.

-and at last, a whitening procedure to brighten the smile and lighten the colour of the teeth.