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Dental implant treatment, also known as screwed tooth application, is one of the most important dental aesthetic treatments that should be done for a smoother and healthier dental aesthetic. Thanks to the implant treatment, the self-confidence of the person is increased by providing a perfect appearance in the teeth. Care should be taken after the implant treatment, which affects the social life of the person positively. In the content of this article, you will find answers to many questions about smoking and alcohol consumption after dental implant treatment.

How many days after the implant can smoking and alcohol be smoked?

Alcohol and cigarette consumption after dental implant application, which is one of the most curious and researched questions after implant dental treatment, is one of the issues that everyone is curious about. Smoking and consuming alcohol after the procedure is a very risky issue. Considering that patients who smoke and consume alcohol in their normal life before the implant procedure are at risk compared to other patients, it will not be very healthy to consume alcohol and cigarettes after the implant procedure. The reason for this is that the risk of infection is very high when the artificial tooth roots are in the process of fusing with the bone. For this reason, cigarettes and alcohol should be consumed after the time determined by the doctor (average 2-3 months) during the recovery period. The reason for this is that everyone’s bone structure and bone-root union time vary. If the time recommended by the doctor is not followed, undesirable results may be experienced in the implants.

Smoking After Dental Implant Procedure

Smoking should not be consumed in the first week after the dental implant procedure. Because after the surgery, the body will have to produce a lot of blood clots, thus protecting the implanted area against bacteria that may come from the outside and speeding up the healing process.

Smoking cigarettes in the first weeks can also lead to serious complications such as tooth inflammation. Since the area of ​​implant dental treatment will be sensitive, the use of tobacco substances such as cigarettes/alcohol that will damage and irritate the sensitive tissue should be strictly avoided.

Alcohol Consumption After Implant Treatment

In the period after the treatment, alcohol should be avoided within the plan determined by the doctor (average 2-3 months). Afterwards, alcohol and its use can be started gradually and in a controlled manner.

Why Shouldn’t Smoking and Alcohol Be Consumed After the Dental Implant Procedure?

As a result of the researches, it was determined that the nicotine, carbon monoxide and ethanol in the cigarettes in the cigarette negatively affect the healing process of the screw thread process. For this reason, smoking and alcohol consumption should not be used after the implant procedure.

According to another study; It has been determined that the failure rate of implant dental treatment due to smoking and alcohol varies according to the amount of smoking and alcohol consumption of the patients. For example, while high success was achieved in the dental implant procedure in those who consume low levels of cigarettes and alcohol, lower levels of implant treatment success were found in those who consume high and moderate levels of cigarettes and alcohol. For this, after the recovery period determined by the doctor during the treatment process (on average 2-3 months later, it may vary according to the patient’s bone structure), cigarette and alcohol consumption can be started gradually.

Period during which smoking-alcohol should not be consumedWhy should it be done?
⏪ Before Implant1-2 Weeks⏪ Before ImplantStrengthening the bone structure and accelerating the healing process
⏩ After Implant2-3 Months⏩ After ImplantTo ensure bone-root fusion

Additional info

It is definitely not suitable to use electronic cigarettes and nicotine gum after screw threading. Because these products also contain nicotine, and nicotine is one of the substances that negatively affect the dental implant process. Therefore, everything that applies to alcohol and cigarette use applies to electronic cigarette derivatives and nicotine gum.

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