So glad I have you!

So glad I have you!

In Antalya, where I went for a holiday, my tooth started to ache. I applied to your clinic for pain in my molars. They started the treatment process without even having to make an appointment because  I had a lot of pain. After the first examination, I was told that my tooth had an infection and a root canal treatment was required. My doctor started root canal treatment and my filling process was completed in the second session. Thank you so much for saving me from my severe pain that day. So glad I have you! You have the best

Lazer bleaching

Dental Department

Composite bonding

Neurology Department

Implant Hiossen

Gynaecology Department

Implant Medentica

Traumotology Department

Porcelain crown with zirconium

Births Department


Cardiology Department

So glad I have you! 1

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