Teeth Whitening (bleaching) Turkey

Teeth Whitening (bleaching) Turkey

Teeth Whitening is the act of extracting dark stains from the translucent surface of the tooth enamel, whether produced spontaneously or by the use of whitening gels. All nowadays wishes for whiter, cleaner teeth.

Teeth will darken due to a variety of factors. As this occurs, people can feel self-conscious in social situations and therefore are unable to joke or behave normally as they would like. This can lead to a sense of self-confidence and social withdrawal over time.

Teeth whitening is a common cosmetic treatment today. The advancement of technology in the medical sector is having a significant impact. This opens the door to a plethora of teeth whitening choices.

What are the causes of tooth discoloration?

Tooth discoloration can occur for a variety of causes, including discoloration after an amalgam filling.

Using antibiotics when pregnant,

Taking antibiotics as an infant,

Discoloration caused by long-term consumption of drugs such as mouthwash, red wine, cigarettes, coffee, and tea

Aside from these causes, lifelong physiological discoloration is thought to be a factor in tooth discoloration. Bleaching gels are used in devital tooth whitening to remove organic or inorganic staining components from the dentin and enamel.

What are the different techniques for whitening your teeth?

Teeth bleaching in Turkey

Based on the implementation procedure, teeth whitening procedures are classified into two types:

Whitening done in the workplace in one hour; this is the most efficient, dependable, and accurate whitening method available, consisting of whitening gel and light that will lighten the color of teeth by 3 to 4 shades in a short period of time.

Who is eligible for teeth whitening?

Anyone that does not have tooth and gum disease that prevents the operation from being performed may have teeth whitening treatment, but a dental inspection must be performed prior to whitening. Many with advanced cavities and gum disease should have the whitening procedure performed following their physicians’ procedures. Aside from that, teeth whitening is not approved for adults who have not finished their growth and development, pregnant women, or nursing mothers.

Is tooth whitening healthy, or does it cause tooth damage?

According to research and microscopic tests, there is little risk of using a 10% bleaching solution. There isn’t a single analysis that shows that tooth whitening causes systemic changes or irreversible damage to teeth. Different drug doses will also be used to whiten teeth, but the dentist must determine if and about how long they can be used.

how much does teeth whitening (bleaching) cost in Turkey?

The price of teeth whitening in turkey starts generally from 250€ and does not exceed 400€ .


Teeth whitening Turkey

Many patients at dental clinics turkey choose a quick way to a whiter face. Each year, in-office tooth whitening procedures become more common. In-office teeth whitening could be the right option for you if you want the best outcomes in the shortest period of time!

You do not have the time or stamina to whiten your teeth yourself. That is fine. Our dentists will provide you with much better outcomes in a much shorter amount of time! In addition, our in-office teeth whitening typically just take a few visits!

Any tooth stains react well to tooth whitening procedures performed in the dentist’s clinic:

  • -a meal (mustard)
  • -a drink (coffee, tea or soda)
  • -Teeth that have been worn due to age or wear
  • -Inheritance
  • -Tobacco consumption

What makes in-office teeth whitening unique?

Tooth whitening done in the dental clinic turkey has recently become a common cosmetic dental treatment. It is often regarded as a risk-free method of teeth whitening that yields higher, quicker results!

You will have a much quicker outcome than for any other at-home therapy. Furthermore, gum and tooth irritation can be better tracked and regulated.

What do I foresee from my in-office teeth whitening?

The dentist in turkey closely monitors the whole tooth-whitening process. This enables the whitening agent to be used in a clean, regulated, and highly concentrated manner. As a result, you would not have to be concerned with self-application flaws.

Your dentist can use a more powerful whitening agent than what is available over the counter or by a take-home treatment given by your dentist. We would need either a spray or a rubber shield to cover the gums so the whitening agent is even more concentrated. Once the whitening agent has been added to the teeth, a special light or laser can be used to speed up the whitening process.


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