Teeth whitening in Antalya

Teeth whitening in AntalyaIf you choose to have a one or two sessions of teeth whitening, you are in the right place. Antalya is a famous place with its dental office that offer this treatment and you won’t regret it. Bleaching in Antalya is considered safe and has safe effects. However, you may feel some teeth sensitivity after the treatment but this is normal don’t forget that the pores in the enamel are open while putting some products to clean

Teeth-whitening process will contain peroxide-based bleaching chemicals.. Professional, in-office treatment solutions contain 15 to 43 percent peroxide, and at-home remedies comprise 3 to 20% carbamide or hydrogen peroxide.

While some people can obtain a good result using at-home items, others can’t. There are several benefits to professional teeth whitening, and there are also significant health concerns associated with utilizing at-home teeth whitening solutions. Your teeth will grow whiter if you maintain a strong peroxide solution on them. If you keep the tooth whitening gel on your teeth for too long, it can dry them out and make them sensitive. This can result in tooth discomfort and other dental issues, which is why at-home solutions aren’t always the ideal option. Pain and sensitivity in

Teeth whitening in Antalya 2

the teeth might lead to pain while eating particular meals if a patient leaves the lower percentage solution on the teeth for too long.

When you visit the dentist to have your teeth whitened, you will also have your teeth and gums cleaned to remove plaque and tartar and fill any cavities. One of the benefits of professional teeth whitening in Antalya is that the dentist will examine your teeth to ensure that they are healthy and suitable for the procedure. Furthermore, the procedure will not harm the teeth since a professional will know how to prevent inflicting damage while yet achieving spectacular and long-lasting effects. In-office whitening procedures employ a greater concentration of carbamide or hydrogen peroxide than most at-home whitening products. Most strips, for example, only utilize around 6% hydrogen peroxide. Trays used at home account for roughly 22% of the total. Professional dental whitening solutions, on the other hand, utilize a peroxide concentration of 35 percent. Patients who have specific teeth with visible stains that they’d want to have removed should consult a specialist to ensure that the stains are treated with care and that the end results properly fix the condition.