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The Pinhole Gum TechniqueOur dental clinic in Turkey offers the Pinhole gum treatment as a non-invasive therapy option to restore receded gums in an attempt to give our patients with as many treatment options for gum recession as feasible. The periodontists in Turkey, strive to provide patients with every benefit possible on their path to better dental health.

What exactly is a pinhole?

The Pinhole technique, unlike standard surgical gum operations, does not need the grafting of soft tissue to a patient’s gums. This time-tested technique stretches the gum tissue that is already there back over the exposed and fragile root of your teeth.

Gum recession, also called gingival recession, occurs when the gum line recedes, exposing the crown or root of your tooth. Mainly because of:

-Infection of the gums

The Pinhole Gum Technique-Tartar build-up at your gum line (which is why a regular scale and polish, as well as a thorough cleaning, is so important)

-Anatomy of each tooth, gum, soft tissue, and bone

-Placement of deep fillings, onlays, or crowns below the gum line.

-A damaging bite, which may be corrected with orthodontic teeth straightening and orthognathic surgery; aggressive tooth brushing and flossing, tongue or lip piercing, or ill-fitting dentures, all of which can cause gum disease.

The doctor specialist just needs to make a single puncture site in the gums while performing Pinhole. The gums are then reshaped using specialized instruments to cover an ideal quantity of your tooth and root structure. There is no need for sedation or general anaesthesia because the process is so simple.

The Advantages of the Pinhole Procedure

The Pinhole technique offers a quick recovery time, with effects appearing as soon as an hour after treatment. Patients like the enhanced comfort during treatment The Pinhole Gum Techniquerecovery because the technique does not need surgical incisions or stitches.

Who may benefit from a pinhole gum treatment?

The Pinhole technique is not for everyone, even if it provides an alternative to standard grafting procedures. Pinhole is best for people who have healthy gums and want to recuperate quickly following treatment. Furthermore, severe gum recession may not be curable with this procedure and would benefit from standard tissue grafting treatments.

The doctor meets with patients to decide which surgery is appropriate for their gingival requirements.


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