The right choice for dental clinic!

The right choice for dental clinic!

I have been told that I was not a suitable candidate for implant treatment since my jaw bone level has not been sufficient for years, and I had to use a removable prosthesis. As a result of my research, I preferred Panoramik Dental Clinic Turkey. After a detailed examination by Dt. Hüseyin Gürel, I learned that the bone level is insufficient in the posterior regions, but implant treatment can be performed in the anterior region with all on 4 method. After accepting the treatment, the placement was completed in the same day. After 3 months of waiting, I got my fixed teeth on my second visit. Thank you so much for everything.

Lazer bleaching

Dental Department

Composite bonding

Neurology Department

Implant Hiossen

Gynaecology Department

Implant Medentica

Traumotology Department

Porcelain crown with zirconium

Births Department


Cardiology Department

The right choice for dental clinic! 1

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