Turkey Dental Implant Price

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Turkey Dental Implant Price

Dental implant is the name given to prosthetic tooth application applied to patients who have lost one or more teeth. Although implant prices are relatively high accordingly dental treatment, implant teeth give the closest results to natural teeth. Because implant teeth do not get support from other teeth, they get their strength from the jaw bone like natural teeth. In the implant procedure, the gums are opened first and a hole is made in the jawbone.

This hole is wide enough for the implant to fit. The implant is placed and the gum part above the opened tooth root socket is closed again and the implant is expected to integrate with the jaw bone.

If the jawbone is not strong enough, it is necessary to add bone graft to the jawbone first, that is, the jawbone should be strengthened. The bone graft takes 2-3 months for the implant to integrate with the jawbone. Dental implants in Turkey is actually very easy, but it is a job that requires high dental and medical knowledge. In other words, when we look at those who are treated, the patient comes and goes with brand new teeth in two visits.

However, the technical part of the issTurkey Dental Implant Priceue is much more complicated. Because at this stage, there are many processes such as implant selection, whether the patient has any disease that will prevent the implant, implant types, size, and shape application. All of these require expertise and experience. Therefore, the implant is a long-term solution, not a short-term solution. Are implant prices expensive from this point of view? Of course, your health is more important and more expensive.

Tooth losses are common due to reasons such as trauma, gum diseases, advanced caries. Tooth loss causes aesthetic problems as well as chewing and speaking problems. Improvement of aesthetic, chewing and speech functions is also provided by dental implant treatment.

The implant treatment process

Turkey Dental Implant Price In the implant treatment process, the dentist first analyzes the patient and examines the jaw and bone structure. Then, he/she decides whether the patient is suitable for implant treatment or not. Then the implant placement phase begins. The implant is placed under the gum. Then, it is waited for healing period, minimum 3 months, for the union of implant and jaw bone. A healing part is then placed over the implant. Taking impressions and necessary fittings are made after healing. Then a porcelain crown is attached on implant.

Implants are generally produced from titanium material used in medicine. In this way, it adapts to the bone structure easily and does not cause allergic reactions. It looks like the patient’s natural tooth and performs the same functions. The gaps caused by the teeth that are pulled or lost cause the jawbone to melt and bone loss. With dental implants, these gaps are filled and jaw bone loss is prevented. Thus, the patient with dental problems rises to a much better quality and healthier life standard.

What should be considered in implant prices

Is implant treatment an expensive treatment, or is implant treatment high-priced, are some of the most common questions dentists encounter.Although it seems expensive at first glance, considering the comfort and benefits it will provide in the future, the fee paid will be seen as a small price. As we have mentioned above, when it comes to your health, the word expensive will lose its meaning.

If the implant is applied, well cared for and kept clean, the titanium structure, which is the substructure of the implant, will remain constant over time, and only the porcelain on the implant may change. This will provide us both financial and moral profit in the future. But when we look at it in the short term, when asked whether the implant is more expensive or other dental options are more expensive, of course the implant is expensive. But in the long run, the implant will be more advantageous than all other treatments. In terms of implant prices, of course, many factors as above affect implant prices.

The cost of implants treatment may seem too much for many people. Of course, it is quite normal to have a price above the standard. Implant treatment is a long-term treatment. It is a lifelong permanent treatment method when applied by an experienced surgeon in accordance with the rules and when the patient pays attention to mouth and teeth cleaning. For this reason, it is necessary to Think the Implant Prices by considering this factor. If necessary care is taken, the costs of these life-long teeth should not scare the person. Remember that you will use it for lifetime.

Implant price and factors affecting pricesWhat should be considered in implant prices

Factors such as how many implants will be placed and the implant brand to be applied affect the final treatment fee. Although dental implant is perceived as a simple dental screw made of titanium or zirconium, implant production requires a high technology, large investments, innovation and R&D support to provide this technology. Implant brands determine their prices within the framework of general price determination criteria, taking into account their costs.

When determining the prices of the implant brands, they make pricing by considering the issues such as where the implant is produced, the money spent for R&D, the cost of the technology used in production, the service network and the success in serving their products and the cost of employment for this. Therefore, the price of the implant is directly reflected in the overall cost of implant treatment.

There is a serious price differences between implants with companies and brands with high innovation capability, which use advanced technology, have R&D laboratories, publish long-term case follow-ups and scientific studies, and reflect their past experiences to their new products; and implants produced in the place of origin can not be determined and even copy their successful brand of implants, service network, with inadequate retention of the suspect.

Current implants brands in Turkey

Current implants brands in Turkey is a great deal more. These are mainly German, American, Swiss, Italian, Sweden, South Korea, Israel and Turkey are trademarks implants production. Here are the expectations of a quality implant that doctors pay attention to in implants: Firstly; does this implant have a CE certificate? Secondly, the technologies used by the manufacturing company while producing these implants also affect the quality of the implant. This is the thread properties of the implants and the technologies used in surface roughening.

The mostly preferred implant brands are ITI Straumann, Nobel Biocare, Astra Tech, Medentica (Straumann Group), Hiossen – Osstem, NTA, MIS, Nucleoss implants. If there is something as important as the implant brand in implant treatment, it is the experience of the surgeon who will apply it. You can easily find the experienced surgeon in Panoramik Dental Clinic Turkey clinics and the price list in our website.

The city where the clinic is located, its cleanliness, the knowledge of the auxiliary staff, the quality of the unit used, the quality of the material used and the hygiene conditions will both affect the implant prices and play an important role for a successful implant treatment. In particular, the dentist factor is very important. It should not be forgotten that the person to do the implant treatment is the doctor himself. If the dentist who will perform also has maxillofacial surgery expertise, the quality of the operation will increase. It is vital that implant treatment is done in a sterile environment. Another important poin is placing the implant, we have to constantly consider the gingival distances to be made on it. Planning should be done very well and a sufficient number of implants should be made. Because patients mostly prefer to have their problems solved with the least possible implant.

The patient’s mouth and teeth structure

Turkey Dental Implant Price, Many factors such as whether the jawbone will be available or not affect the implants procedure. For this reason, it is not possible to give a standard price. One of the factors affecting the cost of implant treatment is whether the area to be implanted by the person is suitable for the implant. If the mouth structure is not suitable for the implant, it will lead to additional treatment processes and a suitable infrastructure must be created for the implant. Thefore, this type of treatment is also a factor that will affect the price of the implant. Depending on the condition of the jaw and bone structure of the patient, it changes the cost of implant treatment due to the use of angled and / or special implants or special abutment choices.

If sinus lifting is required before the implant is placed in the jawbone, sinus lifting is performed. Sinus Lifting is a surgical procedure which aims to increase the amount of bone in the posterior maxilla (upper jaw bone), in the area of the premolar and molar teeth, by lifting the lower sinus membrane and placing a bone graft. In areas that have remained toothless for many years, the sinuses may sag due to the effect of gravity and may interfere with the implants operation. In this case, the sinus floor is raised with a separate operation and new bone formation is provided.

The tooth is an important structure that holds the jawbone together. If long-term implant treatment is not performed after the tooth is lost, bone loss will occur in that area. Since the implant cannot be placed in case of bone loss, the bone must be enlarged in the area where the implant will be placed. Therefore, having an implant immediately after tooth loss has a positive effect on implant treatment prices. For similar reasons, in the area to be implanted, in cases where the bone structure, bone size, level and density are insufficient, bone grafting (bone powder) is used. Graft, membrane and tissue adhesives are expensive materials and will be additional the cost of implants treatment.

It’s very important to specify the needs of the patient’s with panoramic x-ray before the procedure. During the visit in Antalya, the dentist does the detailed consultation with tomography in the clinic and decides what is needed.

The types of crowns on implants

The implant is made to provide stability to the prosthetic tooth to be built on it. The alternative price of the type of prosthetic tooth to be made on the implant will be reflected in the implant fees. Prosthetic teeth to be made on the implants can be fixed or removable dentures. Likewise, prosthetic teeth can be porcelain fused metal or metal-free porcelain, especially zirconium crown, may be preferred for aesthetic or allergic reasons. The overall treatment fee will vary depending on the preferred denture tooth.

Implant prices may vary depending on the city you will go to, Antalya is cheaper in this mean, and the health of the mouth. In cases such as the extent to which the implant will be applied, in which regions it will function, and its quality, the implant prices may change. You can learn the exact price information only after the necessary examinations are carried out.

The implant you purchased consists of three parts: the implant itself, the crown (tooth), and the abutment (the prothetic part attaches the crown to the implant). In many cases, the implant prices shown to you at a clinic are only the price at which the implant should be screwed into the bone and do not include abutment and crown thread. Be sure to charge the price for the entire deal, including the surgery, anesthesiologist, anesthesiologist, and other costs involved in the surgery.

What Should Be Considered After Implant Dental Treatment?

In the days after implant treatment is placed, in order to support tissue healing, routine cleaning of the mouth and gentle mouth cleaning should be done. Smoking and alcohol consumption, chewing anything hard until full recovery achieved with the treated area and heavy physical activities should be avoided.

The Implants Getting Cheaper Relatively

Turkey Dental Implant Price Thanks to the developments in implant technology and new technological devices suitable for mass production, many companies have entered the market and new implant brands have emerged. This situation has brought competition in the implant industry. As a result of these developments, implant prices have become relatively cheaper than in the past decades. Consequently, the choice of implant treatment has increased. Costs of implant treatments and dentistry in our country are cheaper than European countries. The reason can be made more cheaply by many in Antalya prefer to make the patients treated in Turkey.

The fact that the total cost of treatment, including accommodation and flight tickets, is cheaper than Europe and America directs individuals to health tourism in Antalya. Due to the advantage of treatment fee, they prefer to have all dental treatments, especially dental implants, in Turkey.

For the reasons stated above, considering that every patient has its own concrete conditions, it will be appropriate to determine the implant price and the final treatment fee with examining your mouth and teeth in the clinical environment getting an appointment with free quote, evaluating your panoramic x-ray and tomography results and creating a special treatment plan for you.


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