Turkey is a delightful country to visit a dental clinic

Turkey is a delightful country to visit a dental clinic

Turkey is a delightful country to visit; located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, it offers sumptuous scenery of remarkable variety, as well as outstanding historical sites. Let’s have a peek at Turkey, from Istanbul to Ankara, from the Aegean to the Turkish Riviera of Antalya, from Cappadocia to Ankara, Turkey’s capital.

Of course, there is Istanbul, on the banks of the Bosphorus; we will visit Sainte-Sophie, Topkapi, the Blue Mosque, stroll through the large bazaar, go to the hills where Pierre Loti meditated, and take a boat up the Bosphorus with its beautiful wooden houses and fortresses. Istanbul alone is worth a trip to Turkey, and you should plan on staying at least 4-5 days. Istanbul is also one of the first medical destination. People come from everywhere for a medical stay especially when it comes to aesthetic treatment, plastic surgery, dentistry (which includes all the aesthetic treatment too [ tooth implants, Veneers, Veneers crowns, Hollywood Smile, Root canal treatment, bleaching…etc]) Turkey is a delightful country to visit a dental clinic

Ankara, the capital of the modern Turkey, was selected by Atatürk in 1923 to differentiate itself from Istanbul, the ancient capital of the Ottoman Empire. It is a new city of little tourist interest. Even though emission has decreased significantly after the city’s heating system was converted from lignite to coal, the city does not have anything to satisfy. Turkey is a delightful country to visit a dental clinic


Cappadocia is one of Turkey’s most magnificent regions; with easy access (5 hours by bus from Ankara, very frequent connections, every hour; several bus companies with all comforts, do not hesitate to play the rivalry between the companies, particularly a few minutes before the departure), one is immediately subjugated by the grandiose landscapes that the exceptional geological past has shaped.

We then arrive in Antalya, a vital yet friendly city that requires us to stay in cheap pensions (always haggle the rates, you will be often accosted by workers who will give you lodging); all of the pensions are located in the old city, near a nice dock, with a view of a surprising orange minaret and stuffed with souvenir shops. Antalya is a fine starting point for visiting the most interesting places along the coast, including Side, Perge, and Aspendos. These three sites are well worth visiting because they help us to learn about various facets of ancient cities: Aspendos has the best preserved amphitheater in the Mediterranean (and thus the world!), and Perge is a massive and diverse archaeological site.

Antalya is also one of the favorite destination for medical care Especially in dentistry. Patients come from all over the world just to get a Veneer crown, or a tooth implantation, a Hollywood smile or even more simpler, a Bleaching! And if you ask why, It’s because people loves to match their medical treatments to a nice and a peaceful vacation. This is what we call combine the useful with the pleasant!


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