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Would you like to improve your smile painlessly by taking a vacation in Turkey? Whether you are not satisfied with your teeth color, shape or alignment, you have a gap, damaged or missing teeth, Panoramik Dental Clinic is ready to tailor a solution for you.

Dental Veneers

One of the most searched solutions for accomplishing teeth restoration is the dental veneer. They are custom made shells designed to adapt to your teeth and fix their size, shape, color and length. There are two types of them:

  1. Porcelain veneer – manufactured in a lab. This type requires you to arrange two visits to the clinic. One for getting your teeth ready (enamel removal) and shape the design to be produced in the lab. The surgeon will then apply the veneers in the second appointment.
  2. Composite veneer – can be manufactured by the dentist in the same day and immediately positioned in your teeth. In this case you will only need a single visit to the clinic to complete the procedure.

It’s important to mention that veneers are immune to discoloring over time and are a great way to fix broken or damaged teeth.

Dental Veneers in Turkey

How much do they cost?

Their prices will depend on the type you choose (porcelain or composite), material brand and how many teeth will be repaired, costing on average 296 euros (in a range between 159 and 580€.

Panoramik Dental Clinic also offers many other procedures available specifically for a smile makeover, all of them with low rates and special conditions:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Crowns
  • Gingivoplasty
  • and much more

Advantages of getting dental veneers in Panoramik Dental Clinic

  • Best price
  • Premium quality (clinics infrastructure, English speaking professional, strategic location near most hotels)
  • Free airport transfer
  • Helpful crew looking to best serve you


People from all parts of the world (especially from the United Kingdom) come to Antalya, in Turkey, to enjoy both its affordable dental treatment conditions (without compromising high-quality standards) and its beautiful touristic attractions. This activity is becoming more and more intense, and now it even received a name: Dental Tourism, or Dental Travel.

Patients from several parts of Europe or North America can save on average 65% with costs if they go abroad to get a dental procedure, including expenditure with flights, accommodation and transfers, and dentist’s clinics. This happens because the costs to run a clinic in such developed countries are higher (due to expensive government customs, real estate, among other factors) and those higher costs make the final price too high. Dentistry in Turkey is the same quality you find in your home country but with surprisingly lower prices.

The importance of the smile

Smiling plays a crucial role in human self-esteem and health in general. It is a basis for a positive image to others; it helps us to be calmer and make us feel better. Moreover, it’s a critical stress reducer, making other stress indicators go away faster than if you don’t smile, it slows your heart rate and even lengthen your lifespan.

What is a smile makeover?

A smile makeover is a cosmetic dentistry branch that deals with the aesthetics in your face when you grin. It aims to restore or improve the harmony in the patient facial structure. Some of the aspects evaluated by the qualified dentist professional in conjunction with the client are:

  • Tooth color, length, and proportion
  • Alignment and spacing
  • Missing teeth
  • Overall harmony and balance

Why would you need a smile makeover?

Improving your smile appearance will create benefits that go beyond just having a perfect smile. It will supercharge your self-esteem, your relationships with yourself, and with others. Some clients even say they become a completely new person!

What kind of procedures dentists typically use?

Many different solutions are available for reestablishing smiles. Treatments include fixing tooth coloring, length, alignment, and proportional concerns. In addition to that, there are procedures to correct missing teeth, misshapen gums, impaired teeth and gaps.

Here’s a list of procedures that cosmetic surgeons commonly offer for mouth aesthetic makeovers:

  • Fillings, crowns and veneers; (available materials options in the process include porcelain, zirconia)
  • Implants, dentures and bridges;
  • Lumineers;
  • Composite bonding;
  • Teeth whitening


How long does it take?

Different clients have different issues and different mouth conditions. As a result, the time required to complete the process will also vary. For example, for veneers, it can take a single day (composite veneer) or 2 days (porcelain veneer). Other procedures can be more complex and take more days.

How much does it cost?

Prices will depend on what procedures will be performed and also the products kind of material you choose to use. But it’s safe to say that our offers are highly competitive. Once you contact us a consultant will return to hear your needs, evaluate and discuss solutions and cover any remaining questions for us to offer a custom treatment fitted for your unique requirements.

Also if you are coming for a holiday, notice that in the period considered “low season” prices are cheaper than in “high season”.

What reason makes Panoramik Dental Clinic your best choice?

We are an advanced, high quality dental centre in Antalya, Turkey, with 3 clinics equipped with last technology materials and types of equipment.

Prepared and internationally experienced team of experts (dentists, consultants, technicians) are prepared to welcome you and assist you during all your stay, giving hints for local exploration (best touristic attractions, what to do in your free time) and working for your complete satisfaction.

All the clinics are located near hotels and there is a partnership available with many of them. If your treatment total cost exceeds 4000 pounds you get your hotel fees covered by us!

Furthermore, our crew is prepared to assist you through all phases: diagnosing, planning, scheduling and executing, offering a premium service in all aspects and creating a lasting relationship with the patient, based not only on better price but also on better, deeper satisfaction with the service provided.

What are the risks involved if I decide to do my surgery abroad?

When you are in a foreign country it’s vital to have your script planned. That’s why you need to do your research with great anticipation, look for the dentist’s qualifications, whether the clinic you choose is being recommended among its recent customers, ask for local orientation about what hotel is the closest to the clinic….

Not only we encourage you to do everything to ensure your trip/treatment success, we actually help you, so your mind does not get overwhelmed and you get to really benefit from everything included in your package.

Our job is to make your trip risk free.

For further questions, a free quote or anything else related to your dental travel, contact us!