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Implant is one of the most used methods in dental treatment. Contrary to popular belief, implant dental treatment is quite simple and takes a short time; It is a treatment method to replace broken, decayed and missing teeth due to its structure. In the implant dental treatment method, the brand and structure of the dental implant used are as important as the construction of the procedure. For this reason, there are nearly 900 imported implant brands in the world with different features and qualities. In Turkey, this number of the variety of domestic implant brands is around 60.

Implant Brands and What Are the Differences?” You can find answers to all your questions about implant brands by getting to know the different implant brands and their features in our blog.

What Are the Best Implant Brands?

There are many different brands of dental implants used in treatments. These brands vary according to their content, the structure of the tooth and jaw to be used. By getting to know hundreds of different types of dental implants closely, you can choose the most ideal and best dental implant for your jaw and tooth structure.

Top Dental Implant Brands


MegaGen, which was founded by expert and experienced surgeons in the field, was established in 2002 in Korea. The dental implant brand, designed and produced with the principle of high quality, has a structure that facilitates the treatment process for the patient and the dentist. For this reason, it has become the pioneer of the sector by signing innovations in the implant dental sector.

The fact that it gives fast and precise results in treatment has an important role in making it a frequently preferred dental implant brand worldwide. The brand, which is highly preferred worldwide, is FDA approved and does not contain any substances that may harm human health.

MegaGen, which is growing and gaining momentum with each passing day, finally opened the largest implant production facility in Asia towards the end of 2018 and proved itself to the whole world by standing out among the implant brands.


Medentika, one of the leading brands in the dental implant sector, is a company established in Germany and was established in 2005. Since its establishment, it has made a name for itself with its quality. The company is a very high segment brand as it is produced with superior German technology. For this reason, it is suitable for durable and long-lasting use.

In general, due to its durable structure, it provides ease of use and comfort for the user by reducing the loss of jawbone. Thus, a healthy diet can be provided in a very short time after implant tooth application.

Due to its structure, Medentika dental implants are generally used for patients who use or have to use removable dentures.

Nobel Biocare

Nobel Biocare is a Swedish company and a well-established brand working in the field of dental implants. As a result of the studies he has done in the field of R&D, he has made a name for himself with the “all in four implant” system.

Nobel Biocare, one of the FDA-approved dental implant brands in the industry, is made of titanium alloy and provides high compatibility with the jaw structure. Thus, it replaces the real tooth.

Nobel Biocare, which is suitable for long-lasting use, does not need extra abutment during the installation of the dental implant. Therefore, it provides ease of use for the patient.

Astra Tech

The Astra Tech brand was founded in Sweden. The dental implant brand serves many countries in Europe. The company, which is also preferred by many dentists in our country, has brought together aesthetics and durability due to the high-level technology it has used during production.

Since it uses quality raw materials in dental implant products, it offers a premium level of durability guarantee. It is suitable for long use due to its durability guarantee. In addition, Astre Tech is one of the FDA-approved implant brands and does not harm human health in any way.

Finally, all products of Astra Tech dental implants are suitable for use in oral procedures. For this reason, it is among the first choices of dentists.

Straumann Roxolide

While designing the dental implant brand, which is one of the brands of Swedish origin, the whole mouth anatomy of the patients was taken into consideration. Dental implants provide a lifetime warranty.

Straumann Roxolid implant tooth brand is very durable as it is made of 85% titanium and 15% zirconium alloy. In addition, there is no feeling of discomfort after the procedure. After application, it quickly adapts to the jaw structure.

In addition, Straumann Roxolid dental implant is fully compatible with implant materials in smile aesthetics.

Alpha Bio

Brand Danaher Corporation is a US-based brand. Combining the developing technology with design, the company produces all surgical materials in the dental field. The biggest factor in Alpha Bio becoming the most preferred brand in a short time is its high quality.

As a result of research on patients, it was determined that they used dental implants without any problems. Therefore, it has become the most preferred brand in a short time.

In addition, Alpha Bio Dental implants fuse with the jaw structure in a short time.


The Israeli dental implant brand was founded by a couple. The brand, which has been providing service in the sector for 15 years, restricts its products only to dental implants. For this reason, it is frequently mentioned in the dental implant industry.

AB dental implants are long-lasting and durable, as they are made of titanium alloy. In addition, AB dental implant, which has proven itself in terms of quality, provides dental implant training to dentists in many countries.


DTI, which is one of the domestic brands; It is a dental implant brand created by the joint work of doctors, engineers and scientists. As a result of the research conducted for the DTI implant brand, it has been concluded that it meets the world-class quality rules.

In addition, DTI dental implants have FDA and CE certificates and use state-of-the-art devices during production. Thus, it has become a frequently preferred brand by patients and doctors.


Zinedent, a Brazilian origin brand, was established in Ankara in 2015 with the cooperation of Batı Group and Straumann Group in Turkey. Although it has 20 years of experience in the field of dental implants, it can be said that it has become a worldwide brand in a short time. Proving that it is a worldwide brand, Zinedent has determined that it serves the Middle East and Central Asian market more as a result of the analysis.

When we look at the product portfolio of Zinedent, it can be said that it has been designed considering the needs of patients and doctors.

When we look at the products of the Zinedent dental implant brand, we see that there are products used in dental applications such as EC-2 implant, Indexed abutment and Equator precision holder, Zinedent abutment, Multi-member screw and holder.


It can be said that Bredent was established in Germany and took quick steps in self-development. For this reason, it has become one of the leading brands in the sector. It is very durable as it is mostly used in dental treatment.

Bredent dental implant is frequently preferred by patients and doctors as it prevents bone loss and is made of Titanium alloy. In addition, since it has a One for four abutment system, it fits perfectly with abutments.

What Are the Dental Implant Brands by Country?

Implant BrandOrigins
MegaGenSouth Korea
Nobel BiocareSweden
Astra TechSweden
Straumann RoxolidSweden
Alpha BioUSA

What Should Be Considered When Choosing Implants?

In the selection of dental implant brand, besides the quality and reliability of the brands, the choice of dentist is also very important. For this reason, before you decide to make implant teeth, you should definitely choose successful and expert dental clinics in implant dental applications.

If you have decided to have Turkey dental implant treatment, you can contact the expert and professional dentists at Antalya Panoramik Dental Clinic.

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