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Those who are lamenting that I cannot laugh with my teeth apart; we have prepared this article for you! In this article; Why Do Separated Teeth Occur? How to Treat Separated Teeth? You can find answers to all the questions you are curious about Separated Teeth.

What is a Split Tooth?

A split tooth is a gap between two teeth. It is common to have it in the front teeth, but it can also occur in different parts of the mouth. A split tooth is also known as a diastema. It can occur in children and adults, either congenitally or as a result of inadequate oral care. Gaps between the teeth can disrupt the oral structure and cause problems in dental health.

Why Does a Split Tooth Occur?

Separated tooth appearance is one of the factors that negatively affect smile aesthetics. It can prevent free smiles by damaging the self-confidence of the person. The reasons for the occurrence of split teeth are as follows:

Genetic Traits

Separated teeth in children can occur due to genetic reasons. It occurs in the teeth that replace the milk teeth after they fall out. In cases where the jaw and tooth structure are disproportionate, gaps between the teeth are exposed over time. In cases where the jaw structure is wider than the teeth, the gaps can be treated.

Wrong Swallowing

Tooth separation can occur due to incorrect swallowing. During swallowing, the tongue is positioned in the upper part of the mouth. However, when swallowing occurs incorrectly, the tongue puts pressure on the front teeth, causing a gap between the teeth over time. Dentists refer to this phenomenon as tongue thrust.

Gum Diseases

In gum infections and disorders; swelling and wear in the mouth structure. If left untreated, conditions such as gingival growth, bone resorption, excessive pressure of the teeth on each other may cause tooth separation.

What are the Treatment Methods for Separated Teeth?

Separated tooth treatment is applied by a specialist dentist. The specialist dentist determines the treatment method according to the needs of the person and the progression of the disease. In treatment methods; composite laminate, orthodontic treatment methods, laminated tooth coating applications are frequently preferred. As a result of the treatment, a natural aesthetic appearance is obtained in the tooth structure. After the treatment of split tooth, the pain is mild and the patient can use painkillers recommended by the doctor.

Braces for Split Tooth

Today, many people prefer orthodontic treatment for the treatment of split teeth. Braces are one of the methods used for the treatment of partial dentition. The pressure of the palate, plaque and braces brings the teeth into the position they should be in within a few months. Braces treat the separation by bringing the teeth closer together over time. Braces treatment takes between 1 and 3 years depending on the oral structure of the person.

Laminated Application (Porcelain Tooth)

Deformations of the teeth are treated with porcelain tooth application. Tooth gaps are filled and improved by means of leaf porcelains. Thus, the split tooth is treated with a natural appearance.

Bonding Method (Composite Laminate)

Composite laminate application is performed to eliminate deformities in the tooth structure. It is a cosmetic dental treatment. It is preferred for a fast-acting treatment. The process takes around 1 hour on average. Separated teeth are improved by applying composite filling suitable for natural tooth color to the gaps.

Split Tooth Treatment Prices

Separated tooth treatment; It varies according to the type of operation to be applied, the dental clinic, the hospital and the expertise of your dentist. You can contact us for detailed split tooth treatment and price.

For more detailed information, you can take a look at our General Dental Treatments in Turkey page.


How long does a split tooth braces treatment take?

The treatment of split tooth braces lasts between 1 and 3 years. However, the duration of treatment varies according to the oral and dental structure of the person. In order to achieve permanent results during treatment, the doctor’s recommendations should be carefully followed.

Can separated teeth come together spontaneously?

Separated teeth do not come together by themselves. It is not possible for teeth to spontaneously return to their old positions after their positions have changed. However, the separated teeth can be cured with easy and fast treatments by a specialist dentist.

How to put split teeth together?

Separated teeth are combined under the control of a specialist dentist. The dentist determines the split tooth method according to the patient’s needs. For treatment methods; tooth bonding, orthodontic treatment, dental implants, frenectomy, braces and porcelain veneer applications are preferred.

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