Why are veneers cheaper in Turkey?

Why are veneers cheaper in Turkey?

Dental veneers are dental prosthetics that protect just a portion of the tooth, making the operation less invasive than a dental crown.

Ceramic veneers are used in most dental clinics in Turkey for the following situations:

– Any irregular appearance, angle fracture, or teeth that is too short;

– To fix light teeth’s pivoting teeth’s positional anomalies with light teeth or the pivoting teeth;

– Dental dystrophies;

– Teeth damage from fluoridation, tetracycline – in which teeth whitening is ineffective.

-In the case of diastema, closure of the gap between the teeth (chapped teeth).

In comparison to other clinics outside of Turkey, ceramic veneers make prosthetic dental treatments that perfectly replicate natural and healthy teeth at a lower cost.

The translucency of tooth enamel is an essential characteristic. When light strikes the tooth surface, it does not directly absorb, but instead penetrates the enamel layer to the internal dentin, where it is reflected back due to its opacity. When we smile, light passes through the enamel coating, causing otherwise good teeth to glow.

Ceramic dental veneers in Turkey cause light to move through in the same way as tooth enamel does. This is why they are a good choice for aesthetic repairs involving the replacement of the vestibular portion of the tooth’s enamel (the outer part of the tooth). In Turkey, ceramic dental veneers are used to patch, beautify, and restore the normal and stable appearance of teeth.

Ceramic veneered teeth also have the following benefits:

– the polished tooth is not traumatized

– it retains the essential tooth

– it does not change colour over time as a result of foods and beverages containing natural or artificial colours (tea, wine, coffee) or nicotine.

– the abrasion syndrome should not exist

– they are simple to handle and have a low bacterial plaque retention rate

– minimizes the initial tooth’s translucency and ensures tooth contour and colour with minimum gum inflammation  and are biocompatible

Veneers in Turkey range in price from 200 € to 400 € per tooth, depending on the treatments needed prior to placement as well as the quality of the veneers.